The Asylum in Peckham is a well known London wedding venue. It’s well known mainly because it’s incredible. It’s rustic, dilapadated and beautiful. But Lauren and Joe are not people to be outshone by a venue, theirs was super stylish day, funky, vibrant, fun and real. Lauren works as a stylist everything looked very cool but also very unique. A Vivienne Westwood dress, gold Rupert Sanderson shoes and a Joyce Jackson veil and yes, bridesmaids in burgundy jumpsuits.

London wedding photographers001 London wedding photographers002London wedding photographers041 London wedding photographers004 London wedding photographers006 London wedding photographers007 London wedding photographers009 London wedding photographers010


So they were just a few but in case you want the whole thing, let’s start from the beginning. The month is February and the town is London; or in slightly more Dickensian English, it’s was a Winters morning in London town:


London wedding photographers011London wedding photographers015 London wedding photographers017.2 London wedding photographers017 London wedding photographers018 London wedding photographers021 London wedding photographers022 London wedding photographers024 London wedding photographers025 London wedding photographers026 London wedding photographers027 London wedding photographers028 London wedding photographers030 London wedding photographers031 London wedding photographers033 London wedding photographers034 London wedding photographers035 London wedding photographers037 London wedding photographers038 London wedding photographers040London wedding photographers042 London wedding photographers043 London wedding photographers044 London wedding photographers045 London wedding photographers047 London wedding photographers048 London wedding photographers050 London wedding photographers051 London wedding photographers055 London wedding photographers056 London wedding photographers057London wedding photographers059 London wedding photographers060 London wedding photographers062 London wedding photographers063 London wedding photographers064.2 London wedding photographers064 London wedding photographers065 London wedding photographers066 London wedding photographers067 London wedding photographers068 London wedding photographers070 London wedding photographers071 London wedding photographers072 London wedding photographers073 London wedding photographers075 London wedding photographers076 London wedding photographers077 London wedding photographers079 London wedding photographers080 London wedding photographers081 London wedding photographers083 London wedding photographers084 London wedding photographers085 London wedding photographers086 London wedding photographers087 London wedding photographers091 London wedding photographers092 London wedding photographers095London wedding photographers129 London wedding photographers131 London wedding photographers132London wedding photographers008 London wedding photographers096 London wedding photographers098 London wedding photographers099 London wedding photographers100 London wedding photographers101 London wedding photographers102 London wedding photographers105 London wedding photographers106 London wedding photographers108 London wedding photographers110 London wedding photographers111 London wedding photographers112 London wedding photographers114 London wedding photographers115 London wedding photographers116 London wedding photographers117 London wedding photographers118 London wedding photographers119 London wedding photographers123London wedding photographers120 London wedding photographers124 London wedding photographers127 London wedding photographers133 London wedding photographers135 London wedding photographers137London wedding photographers136London wedding photographers138 London wedding photographers139 London wedding photographers140 London wedding photographers141 London wedding photographers142 London wedding photographers146 London wedding photographers147 London wedding photographers149London wedding photographers148 London wedding photographers152 London wedding photographers154 London wedding photographers155 London wedding photographers157 London wedding photographers158 London wedding photographers159 London wedding photographers160 London wedding photographers161 London wedding photographers162 London wedding photographers164 London wedding photographers165 London wedding photographers166 London wedding photographers167 London wedding photographers168 London wedding photographers169 London wedding photographers170 London wedding photographers171


Anya and Dale invited me earlier this year to a stunning and special place for their wedding. I say special because the reception was to take place at Anyas’ parents house just outside Limassol in Cyprus. Having never shot a Cypriot wedding before and with the added bonus of a back yard feel I was excited to say the least. I’ve always enjoyed weddings that are fun and relaxed and if you’re lucky enough to have a parents garden that’s the right size in a warm climate then personally there’s no better place. The beautiful Cathedral was situated in the centre of Limassol, a town which judging from the artsy feel to the bars coupled with a music filled atmosphere is somewhere I could quite happily live. This is how it mapped out:

Cyprus wedding photographer001 Cyprus wedding photographer003Cyprus wedding photographer002 Cyprus wedding photographer004 Cyprus wedding photographer005 Cyprus wedding photographer006 Cyprus wedding photographer007 Cyprus wedding photographer008 Cyprus wedding photographer010 Cyprus wedding photographer011 Cyprus wedding photographer012Cyprus wedding photographer009 Cyprus wedding photographer013 Cyprus wedding photographer014 Cyprus wedding photographer015 Cyprus wedding photographer016Cyprus wedding photographer017 Cyprus wedding photographer018 Cyprus wedding photographer019 Cyprus wedding photographer020 Cyprus wedding photographer021 Cyprus wedding photographer022 Cyprus wedding photographer023 Cyprus wedding photographer024Cyprus wedding photographer025 Cyprus wedding photographer026 Cyprus wedding photographer027Cyprus wedding photographer034Cyprus wedding photographer032 Cyprus wedding photographer028 Cyprus wedding photographer030 Cyprus wedding photographer031 Cyprus wedding photographer033 Cyprus wedding photographer035 Cyprus wedding photographer036 Cyprus wedding photographer037 Cyprus wedding photographer038 Cyprus wedding photographer039 Cyprus wedding photographer040 Cyprus wedding photographer041 Cyprus wedding photographer042 Cyprus wedding photographer043 Cyprus wedding photographer044 Cyprus wedding photographer045 Cyprus wedding photographer046 Cyprus wedding photographer047 Cyprus wedding photographer048 Cyprus wedding photographer049 Cyprus wedding photographer050 Cyprus wedding photographer051 Cyprus wedding photographer052 Cyprus wedding photographer053 Cyprus wedding photographer054 Cyprus wedding photographer055 Cyprus wedding photographer056 Cyprus wedding photographer057 Cyprus wedding photographer058 Cyprus wedding photographer059 Cyprus wedding photographer060 Cyprus wedding photographer061Cyprus wedding photographer062 Cyprus wedding photographer063 Cyprus wedding photographer064 Cyprus wedding photographer065 Cyprus wedding photographer066 Cyprus wedding photographer067 Cyprus wedding photographer068 Cyprus wedding photographer070 Cyprus wedding photographer071 Cyprus wedding photographer072 Cyprus wedding photographer073 Cyprus wedding photographer074 Cyprus wedding photographer075 Cyprus wedding photographer076 Cyprus wedding photographer077Cyprus wedding photographer069 Cyprus wedding photographer078 Cyprus wedding photographer079 Cyprus wedding photographer080 Cyprus wedding photographer081 Cyprus wedding photographer082 Cyprus wedding photographer083 Cyprus wedding photographer084 Cyprus wedding photographer085 Cyprus wedding photographer086 Cyprus wedding photographer087 Cyprus wedding photographer088 Cyprus wedding photographer089 Cyprus wedding photographer090 Cyprus wedding photographer091 Cyprus wedding photographer092 Cyprus wedding photographer093 Cyprus wedding photographer094 Cyprus wedding photographer095 Cyprus wedding photographer096 Cyprus wedding photographer097 Cyprus wedding photographer098 Cyprus wedding photographer099 Cyprus wedding photographer100 Cyprus wedding photographer101 Cyprus wedding photographer102 Cyprus wedding photographer103 Cyprus wedding photographer104 Cyprus wedding photographer105 Cyprus wedding photographer106 Cyprus wedding photographer107 Cyprus wedding photographer108 Cyprus wedding photographer109 Cyprus wedding photographer110 Cyprus wedding photographer111 Cyprus wedding photographer112 Cyprus wedding photographer113 Cyprus wedding photographer114 Cyprus wedding photographer115 Cyprus wedding photographer116 Cyprus wedding photographer117 Cyprus wedding photographer118 Cyprus wedding photographer119 Cyprus wedding photographer120 Cyprus wedding photographer121 Cyprus wedding photographer122 Cyprus wedding photographer123 Cyprus wedding photographer124 Cyprus wedding photographer125 Cyprus wedding photographer126 Cyprus wedding photographer127 Cyprus wedding photographer128 Cyprus wedding photographer129 Cyprus wedding photographer130 Cyprus wedding photographer131

  1. Mark B said:
    Wow there is some fabulous moments here. The photographer has done a great job. Such a great color tone to these also.
    September 29, 2015  3:17 pm

Anya and Dale invited me to their beautiful wedding out in Cyprus (to come) but beforehand, they wanted me to capture a few shots of them together at home in the UK along with a few from their ceremony with a few of their close friends and family near their home in Peckham, in South London. This is the time I spent with them.

ADengagment008 copyADengagment0062London-wedding002.2London-wedding005 London-wedding003Peckham south london wedding photographer London-wedding004London-wedding007London-wedding009 London-wedding006London-wedding010London-wedding011 London-wedding012 London-wedding014 London-wedding015London-wedding015.1 London-wedding016 London-wedding017 London-wedding018 London-wedding019 London-wedding020 London-wedding021


Hannah and Shaun got married at one my favourite places, the super light, white walled barn at Merriscourt in Sarsden. A rustic wedding barn but also fresh looking on the edge of Oxfordshire. Hannah is a stylist and designer and brought that creative touch to the day, including a cool Jesus Piero dress that allowed lots of movement… and, in case I’ve not said it before, I love photographing brides with a dress that flows and moves. This was their day:

Merriscourt003Merriscourt010Merriscourt001 Merriscourt002Merriscourt004 Merriscourt005 Merriscourt006 Merriscourt007Merriscourt009 Merriscourt012 Merriscourt011Merriscourt013 Merriscourt014 Merriscourt015 Merriscourt016 HS028 HS044 HS047HS052_1 HS054Merriscourt017 Merriscourt018Merriscourt022 Merriscourt020 Merriscourt021Merriscourt023Merriscourt024 Merriscourt025 Merriscourt026Merriscourt027 Merriscourt028 HS228Merriscourt029 HS264Merriscourt030 Merriscourt031 HS262Merriscourt032 Merriscourt033 Merriscourt034 Merriscourt035Merriscourt039HS291Merriscourt0382015-05-13_0002Merriscourt040 2015-05-13_0003 Merriscourt037 Merriscourt041 Merriscourt042 Merriscourt043 HS593HS323Merriscourt073Merriscourt044 Merriscourt045 Merriscourt046 Merriscourt047 Merriscourt048 Merriscourt049 Merriscourt050 Merriscourt051 Merriscourt052 Merriscourt053 Merriscourt054 Merriscourt055 Merriscourt056 Merriscourt057 Merriscourt058 Merriscourt059 Merriscourt060 Merriscourt062 Merriscourt063 Merriscourt064 HS453 HS510 HS513Merriscourt065 Merriscourt066 Merriscourt067 Merriscourt068 Merriscourt069 Merriscourt070 Merriscourt071Merriscourt047 Merriscourt072 Merriscourt074 Merriscourt076 Merriscourt077 Merriscourt078 Merriscourt079 Merriscourt080 Merriscourt081 Merriscourt082 Merriscourt083 Merriscourt084 Merriscourt085 Merriscourt086

family portraits gloucestershire001


I love snapshots. It’s pretty much what I aim to achieve in most of the work I do. To define what makes one is hard to put your finger on, but for me it’s that intangible feeling that you want to keep an image regardless of the technical qualities. It pops out, it’s imperfect but for some reason you like it and the longer you keep it the better it gets. I’ve got a friend who once showed me all the physical photos he had of himself from different moments at different times. In total there were around twelve and as far as the experience of looking at other peoples photos go, that was easily one of the most interesting.  Here are some of mine, including friends and family.


family portraits gloucestershire002 family portraits gloucestershire003 family portraits gloucestershire004family portraits gloucestershire010 family portraits gloucestershire007 family portraits gloucestershire009 family portraits gloucestershire011 (1)family portraits gloucestershire006 family portraits gloucestershire012 family portraits gloucestershire014 family portraits gloucestershire015 family portraits gloucestershire016 family portraits gloucestershire017 family portraits gloucestershire018 family portraits gloucestershire019 family portraits gloucestershire020 family portraits gloucestershire021family portraits gloucestershire013 family portraits gloucestershire022family portraits gloucestershire008 (1) family portraits gloucestershire023 family portraits gloucestershire024 family portraits gloucestershire025 family portraits gloucestershire026 family portraits gloucestershire027 family portraits gloucestershire028 family portraits gloucestershire029 family portraits gloucestershire030 family portraits gloucestershire031 family portraits gloucestershire032 family portraits gloucestershire033

Babington photographer083

My second time at the lovely Babington House in Somerset, this time for the fab wedding of Eleanor and Nick, two of the most charming and charismatic couples you could hope to photograph. From meeting them for a quick walk around the venue I knew it was going to be a brilliant day…and let me know tell you it was. From the first dance that had an opening of sitting next to each other reading, to a great party and informal speeches, hopefully the pictures capture something of that energy. This is how it unfolded through my eyes.

Babbington photographer017Babbington photographer016 Babbington photographer004Babbington photographer002Somerset wedding photographerBabbington photographer006.5 Babbington photographer007 Babbington photographer008Babbington photographer006 Babbington photographer009 Babbington photographer010 Babbington photographer012 Babbington photographer019 Babbington photographer021Babbington photographer018 Babbington photographer022 Babbington photographer023 Babbington photographer025 Babbington photographer026 Babbington photographer028 Babbington photographer029 Babbington photographer031 Babbington photographer032 Babbington photographer033 Babbington photographer035 Babbington photographer036 Babbington photographer037 Babbington photographer040 Babbington photographer041 Babbington photographer042 Babbington photographer043 Babbington photographer045 Babbington photographer046 Babbington photographer047 Babbington photographer048 Babbington photographer050 Babbington photographer051 Babbington photographer052 Babbington photographer057 Babbington photographer058 Babbington photographer059 Babbington photographer060 Babbington photographer062 Babbington photographer063 Babbington photographer064 Babbington photographer066 Babbington photographer067 Babbington photographer068 Babbington photographer069 Babbington photographer070 Babbington photographer071 Babbington photographer073 Babbington photographer074 Babbington photographer075 Babbington photographer076 Babbington photographer077Babbington photographer072 Babbington photographer078 Babbington photographer079 Babbington photographer080 Babbington photographer081 Babbington photographer082Babbington photographer094 Babbington photographer083.2 Babbington photographer083.3 Babbington photographer083Babbington photographer088Babbington photographer089 Babbington photographer097 Babbington photographer101 Babbington photographer102Babbington photographer092 Babbington photographer103 Babbington photographer105 Babbington photographer106 Babbington photographer107 Babbington photographer108 Babbington photographer109 Babbington photographer111 Babbington photographer114 Babbington photographer116 Babbington photographer117 Babbington photographer121 Babbington photographer122 Babbington photographer123 Babbington photographer124 Babbington photographer125 Babbington photographer126 Babbington photographer127 Babbington photographer128 Babbington photographer129 Babbington photographer130 Babbington photographer131 Babbington photographer132 Babbington photographer133 Babbington photographer134 Babbington photographer135 Babbington photographer136 Babbington photographer137 Babbington photographer138 Babbington photographer139 Babbington photographer140 Babbington photographer141 Babbington photographer142 Babbington photographer143 Babbington photographer144 Babbington photographer145 Babbington photographer146 Babbington photographer147 Babbington photographer148 Babbington photographer149 Babbington photographer150 Babbington photographer151 Babbington photographer152 Babbington photographer153 Babbington photographer154 Babbington photographer155 Babbington photographer156 Babbington photographer157 Babbington photographer158 Babbington photographer159 Babbington photographer160 Babbington photographer161 Babbington photographer162 Babbington photographer163 Babbington photographer164 Babbington photographer165 Babbington photographer166 Babbington photographer167 Babbington photographer168 Babbington photographer169 Babbington photographer170 Babbington photographer171 Babbington photographer172 Babbington photographer173 Babbington photographer174 Babbington photographer175 Babbington photographer176 Babbington photographer177 Babbington photographer178 Babbington photographer179 Babbington photographer180 Babbington photographer181 Babbington photographer182 Babbington photographer183 Babbington photographer184 Babbington photographer185 Babbington photographer186 Babbington photographer187 Babbington photographer188 Babbington photographer190 Babbington photographer192 Babbington photographer194 Babbington photographer196 Babbington photographer197 Babbington photographer198 Babbington photographer200 Babbington photographer201 Babbington photographer202 Babbington photographer205 Babbington photographer208 Babbington photographer209Babbington photographer207Babbington photographer214 Babbington photographer210 Babbington photographer211 Babbington photographer212 Babbington photographer218 Babbington photographer219 Babbington photographer220 Babbington photographer221 Babbington photographer223 Babbington photographer224 Babbington photographer225 Babbington photographer226 Babbington photographer227 Babbington photographer228 Babbington photographer229 Babbington photographer231 Babbington photographer232 Babbington photographer233

  1. Mercedes said:
    I love this whole wedding! She is such a beautiful bride. The reception shots are beautiful !
    February 26, 2015  4:35 am
  2. Wow so much to love about this wedding, so stylish. Love the reflection shot of the dress in the mirror, also the first black and white, talk about timeless elegance. Love the processing on the rest of your black and whites also. Great that you captured so much emotion and laughter. Great motion blur in your dance shots, really caught the atmosphere. Brilliant.
    February 26, 2015  11:59 am
  3. Wow, wow, wow. Everything about this wedding is gorgeous. Those last few dancing shots are mind-boggling!
    February 26, 2015  3:21 pm
  4. kate said:
    ah so beautiful! I love the bride's and groom's expressions.
    February 27, 2015  4:58 pm
  5. Danny T said:
    Gorgeous photos!
    February 27, 2015  8:06 pm
  6. Darren Gair said:
    These are terrific David, so many priceless moments, they will cherish these forever, i am sure of it.. great work mate.
    February 27, 2015  9:02 pm
  7. Heather Kanillopoolos said:
    I absolutely love how you capture the emotion and reactions of all the guests and family. Awesome work!!
    February 28, 2015  5:53 pm
  8. Justin R said:
    Oh my! You have so many killer shots here! Truly outstanding wedding.
    March 2, 2015  9:45 am
  9. Jon Connell said:
    Beautifully captured wedding day. Love the processing style.
    March 11, 2015  7:20 pm
  10. Louise said:
    I love the way your images capture the story of the day - beautiful work!
    April 8, 2015  10:23 pm

This year again was huge, my little boy Claude came kicking and spewing into the world. No images here, just on instagram for some reason, but one or two of the bump shot on film. This year I loved photographing the things I always love photographing, the real moments, movement, a great outfit, interesting faces, women, fading light, bright light, back light, my little girl, Sarah, ALL my clients and now my little boy but also more of the area I live in, namely the Cotswolds around Cheltenham. I love this place. London is home, it’s where I meet old friends and I’ll always buzz off going there but with kids, the hills, the big damn beautiful hills all over the Cotswolds just grow on me every year. Being a family man in the internet age and addicted to music you live more in your head than you’d like but the landscape slowly plays a bigger part as that becomes the status quo. I don’t shoot them constantly, as I see them every day but here are a few in amongst the weddings. This was 2014 for me.

Gloucestershire wedding photos001 Gloucestershire wedding photos002Gloucestershire wedding photos003 Gloucestershire wedding photos004 Gloucestershire wedding photos005Gloucestershire wedding photos009 Gloucestershire wedding photos007 Gloucestershire wedding photos008 Gloucestershire wedding photos011 Gloucestershire wedding photos012 Gloucestershire wedding photos013 Gloucestershire wedding photos014 Gloucestershire wedding photos015 Gloucestershire wedding photos016 Gloucestershire wedding photos017 Gloucestershire wedding photos018 Gloucestershire wedding photos020 Gloucestershire wedding photos021 Gloucestershire wedding photos049 Gloucestershire wedding photos052 Gloucestershire wedding photos054Gloucestershire wedding photos024 Gloucestershire wedding photos025 Gloucestershire wedding photos027Gloucestershire wedding photos043Gloucestershire wedding photos046 Gloucestershire wedding photos045 Gloucestershire wedding photos028 Gloucestershire wedding photos029 Gloucestershire wedding photos030 Gloucestershire wedding photos031 Gloucestershire wedding photos032Gloucestershire wedding photos019 Gloucestershire wedding photos033 Gloucestershire wedding photos035 Gloucestershire wedding photos036 Gloucestershire wedding photos037 Gloucestershire wedding photos038 Gloucestershire wedding photos039 Gloucestershire wedding photos040 Gloucestershire wedding photos041 Gloucestershire wedding photos042 Gloucestershire wedding photos044 Gloucestershire wedding photos047 Gloucestershire wedding photos048 Gloucestershire wedding photos055 Gloucestershire wedding photos056 Gloucestershire wedding photos057 Gloucestershire wedding photos058 Gloucestershire wedding photos059 Gloucestershire wedding photos060 Gloucestershire wedding photos061 Gloucestershire wedding photos062 Gloucestershire wedding photos023Gloucestershire wedding photos063 Gloucestershire wedding photos064 Gloucestershire wedding photos065 Gloucestershire wedding photos066 Gloucestershire wedding photos067 Gloucestershire wedding photos069Gloucestershire wedding photos132 Gloucestershire wedding photos073 Gloucestershire wedding photos074 Gloucestershire wedding photos075 Gloucestershire wedding photos076 Gloucestershire wedding photos077 Gloucestershire wedding photos078 Gloucestershire wedding photos080Gloucestershire wedding photos002Gloucestershire wedding photos081Gloucestershire wedding photos152Gloucestershire wedding photos082 Gloucestershire wedding photos083 Gloucestershire wedding photos084 Gloucestershire wedding photos085 Gloucestershire wedding photos086 Gloucestershire wedding photos087 Gloucestershire wedding photos088 Gloucestershire wedding photos090 Gloucestershire wedding photos091 Gloucestershire wedding photos093 Gloucestershire wedding photos094 Gloucestershire wedding photos095 Gloucestershire wedding photos096 Gloucestershire wedding photos097 Gloucestershire wedding photos098 Gloucestershire wedding photos099 Gloucestershire wedding photos100 Gloucestershire wedding photos101 Gloucestershire wedding photos102 Gloucestershire wedding photos104 Gloucestershire wedding photos105 Gloucestershire wedding photos106 Gloucestershire wedding photos107 Gloucestershire wedding photos108 Gloucestershire wedding photos109 Gloucestershire wedding photos110 Gloucestershire wedding photos111 Gloucestershire wedding photos112Gloucestershire wedding photos086 Gloucestershire wedding photos113Gloucestershire wedding photos022Gloucestershire wedding photos010 Gloucestershire wedding photos115 Gloucestershire wedding photos117 Gloucestershire wedding photos118 Gloucestershire wedding photos119 Gloucestershire wedding photos120 Gloucestershire wedding photos121 Gloucestershire wedding photos124 Gloucestershire wedding photos125 Gloucestershire wedding photos126 Gloucestershire wedding photos127 Gloucestershire wedding photos128 Gloucestershire wedding photos129 Gloucestershire wedding photos130 Gloucestershire wedding photos133 Gloucestershire wedding photos134 Gloucestershire wedding photos135 Gloucestershire wedding photos136 Gloucestershire wedding photos137 Gloucestershire wedding photos138 Gloucestershire wedding photos139 Gloucestershire wedding photos140 Gloucestershire wedding photos141 Gloucestershire wedding photos142 Gloucestershire wedding photos144 Gloucestershire wedding photos146 Gloucestershire wedding photos148 Gloucestershire wedding photos149 Gloucestershire wedding photos150 Gloucestershire wedding photos151 Gloucestershire wedding photos153 Gloucestershire wedding photos154 Gloucestershire wedding photos155 Gloucestershire wedding photos156 Gloucestershire wedding photos157 Gloucestershire wedding photos158 Gloucestershire wedding photos159 Gloucestershire wedding photos160 Gloucestershire wedding photos161Gloucestershire wedding photos170Gloucestershire wedding photos153Gloucestershire wedding photos143 Gloucestershire wedding photos162 Gloucestershire wedding photos163 Gloucestershire wedding photos164 Gloucestershire wedding photos165 Gloucestershire wedding photos166 Gloucestershire wedding photos167 Gloucestershire wedding photos168 Gloucestershire wedding photos169end

  1. Elissa said:
    Your wedding shots are definitely beautiful, but your family shots are really special. I don't think I've ever seen such beautiful family photos. Such warm and energy... superb work.
    January 28, 2015  5:25 pm
  2. What a beautiful year. I love your work. Can't wait to see what 2015 holds for you.
    January 28, 2015  5:30 pm
  3. Igor Demba said:
    Incredible dude. Love your style and vision and I just want to see more and more of your personal work, truly beautiful.
    January 29, 2015  10:45 am
  4. Albert said:
    Love those tones DJ - beautiful from start to finish. Here's to 2015!
    January 29, 2015  1:14 pm
  5. Dasha said:
    Beautiful collection, David! Love the tones in your images. Some beautiful weddings as well and looks like you had a great year. Hope 2015 will be even better!
    January 29, 2015  1:22 pm
  6. jaakko said:
    such a emotions you have found! You did a great job!
    January 29, 2015  4:49 pm
  7. Total cracker, all of them. I too love the fog and it works so well here.
    January 29, 2015  5:15 pm
  8. heather nan said:
    It's all so good! Guess I need to skip over to Instagram to see the sweet babe pics... Well done!
    January 30, 2015  6:29 am
  9. Teresa K said:
    What a fantastic year 2014 was for you!! I can't wait to see what 2015 brings!
    February 2, 2015  6:24 am
  10. Utterly gorgeous! The landscapes feel as though they jump off of the screen. Amazing work!
    February 2, 2015  9:07 pm
  11. Will Kim said:
    Wow, your work is beautiful! 2014 was great year!
    February 3, 2015  1:02 am
  12. Danny T said:
    Gorgeous photos, love the pregnancy ones, amazing!
    February 27, 2015  8:06 pm

Emma and Philipp got married earlier this year in a beautiful Cathedral right in the heart of Tropea in Calabria, Italy. The surrounding scenery is stunning, really stunning. To say I now love Italian weddings would be an understatement. Emmas father runs a lovely agri-tourism business in Capo Vaticano and this is where everyone headed for the evening celebrations overlooking the incredible Calabrian bays. Emma is now opening the venue for anyone who would also like to get married here.  These are some of the moments.

Italy film wedding 001Italy film wedding 002EP024 Italy film wedding 009 Italy film wedding 010002636-R1-005 Italy film wedding 004Italy film wedding 012 Italy film wedding 013 Italy film wedding 014 Italy film wedding 015 Italy film wedding 006Italy film wedding 017 Italy film wedding 018 Italy film wedding 019Italy film wedding 019.1 Italy film wedding 020.1 Italy film wedding 020 Italy film wedding 023 Italy film wedding 024 Italy film wedding 025 Italy film wedding 026 Italy film wedding 028 Italy film wedding 029 Italy film wedding 030.1 Italy film wedding 030 Italy film wedding 031 Italy film wedding 032 Italy film wedding 033 Italy film wedding 034 Italy film wedding 035 Italy film wedding 036 Italy film wedding 037 Italy film wedding 039 Italy film wedding 040 Italy film wedding 041 Italy film wedding 042 Italy film wedding 044newItaly film wedding 045 Italy film wedding 043Italy film wedding 046newItaly film wedding 047newItaly film wedding 048 Italy film wedding 049 Italy film wedding 050 Italy film wedding 051.1 Italy film wedding 051 Italy film wedding 052 Italy film wedding 053 Italy film wedding 055 Italy film wedding 056 Italy film wedding 057 Italy film wedding 058 Italy film wedding 059 Italy film wedding 060.1 Italy film wedding 060 Italy film wedding 061 Italy film wedding 062 Italy film wedding 063 Italy film wedding 064 Italy film wedding 065 Italy film wedding 066 Italy film wedding 068 Italy film wedding 069 Italy film wedding 070 Italy film wedding 067Italy film wedding 071 Italy film wedding 072 Italy film wedding 073 Italy film wedding 074 Italy film wedding 075 Italy film wedding 076 Italy film wedding 077 Italy film wedding 078new Italy film wedding 079newItaly film wedding 080newItaly film wedding 081 Italy film wedding 082 Italy film wedding 083 Italy film wedding 084 Italy film wedding 085 Italy film wedding 086 Italy film wedding 087 Italy film wedding 088 Italy film wedding 089 Italy film wedding 090 Italy film wedding 091 Italy film wedding 092 Italy film wedding 093 Italy film wedding 094 Italy film wedding 110Italy film wedding 095 Italy film wedding 098Italy film wedding 097Italy film wedding 096 Italy film wedding 099 Italy film wedding 100 Italy film wedding 111new Italy film wedding 103 Italy film wedding 105 Italy film wedding 112 Italy film wedding 113newItaly film wedding 114 Italy film wedding 106Italy film wedding 104Italy film wedding 102Italy film wedding 107Italy film wedding 109Italy film wedding 115 Italy film wedding 116 Italy film wedding 117 Italy film wedding 108Italy film wedding 118 Italy film wedding 119 Italy film wedding 120 Italy film wedding 121 Italy film wedding 122 Italy film wedding 123 Italy film wedding 124 Italy film wedding 125 Italy film wedding 126 Italy film wedding 127 Italy film wedding 128 Italy film wedding 129 Italy film wedding 130 Italy film wedding 131 Italy film wedding 132 Italy film wedding 133 Italy film wedding 134 Italy film wedding 135 Italy film wedding 136 Italy film wedding 137 Italy film wedding 138 Italy film wedding 007Italy film wedding 139 Italy film wedding 140 Italy film wedding 141 Italy film wedding 142 Italy film wedding 143 Italy film wedding 144 Italy film wedding 145 Italy film wedding 146 Italy film wedding 147 Italy film wedding 148 Italy film wedding 149 Italy film wedding 150 Italy film wedding 151 Italy film wedding 152 Italy film wedding 153 Italy film wedding 155 Italy film wedding 156 Italy film wedding 154Italy film wedding 158 Italy film wedding 159 Italy film wedding 160 Italy film wedding 161 Italy film wedding 162 Italy film wedding 163 Italy film wedding 164 Italy film wedding 165 Italy film wedding 166 Italy film wedding 167 Italy film wedding 168 Italy film wedding 169 Italy film wedding 170 Italy film wedding 171 Italy film wedding 172 Italy film wedding 173 Italy film wedding 174 Italy film wedding 175Italy film wedding 176 Italy film wedding 177 Italy film wedding 178 Italy film wedding 179 Italy film wedding 180 Italy film wedding 181 Italy film wedding 182 Italy film wedding 183 Italy film wedding 184 Italy film wedding 186 Italy film wedding 187 Italy film wedding 188 Italy film wedding 185Italy film wedding 189 Italy film wedding 190 Italy film wedding 191 Italy film wedding 193 Italy film wedding 194 Italy film wedding 195 Italy film wedding 196 Italy film wedding 197 Italy film wedding 198 Italy film wedding 199 Italy film wedding 200 Italy film wedding 201 Italy film wedding 204 Italy film wedding 205 Italy film wedding 206 Italy film wedding 207 Italy film wedding 208 Italy film wedding 209 Italy film wedding 210 Italy film wedding 211 Italy film wedding 213 Italy film wedding 214 Italy film wedding 215 Italy film wedding 216.1 Italy film wedding 217

Venue Il Faro

Dress Suzanne Neville

Shoes  Jimmy Choo

Flowers Gianni

Thanks to John Day for second shooting.

  1. Mind blowing! I feel like I was there - great work David.
    December 18, 2014  1:15 pm
  2. Heather J said:
    Stunning. I love those first few scene setting shots. They give a really palpable sense of place.
    December 19, 2014  4:08 am
  3. Oh yeah! You are right - stunning, stunning, stunning! Happy people, wonderful landscapes, sunshine everywhere. Perfect for me! :)
    December 19, 2014  11:24 am
  4. rahul khona said:
    dude....this is so good! amazing coverage!
    December 19, 2014  2:36 pm
  5. Such wonderful coverage of this wedding. From the setting shots right through to the dancing. Well done, David!
    December 19, 2014  6:58 pm
  6. John Hope said:
    This is stunning Dave - top work my man!
    December 20, 2014  5:42 pm
  7. totally awesome. amazing storytelling David
    December 20, 2014  11:32 pm
  8. Luke Hayden said:
    Really beautiful. A monster blog post and very inspiring.
    December 20, 2014  11:33 pm
  9. Stunning. Absolutely stunning. Brilliant work!
    December 26, 2014  6:11 am
  10. sarah gawler said:
    Wow - so many beautiful captures. Great work!
    January 28, 2015  5:08 pm