Yus & Marc in the Cotswolds

hilltop engagement photos004hilltop engagement photos002.jpghilltop-engagement-photos005.jpghilltop engagement photos006.jpghilltop engagement photos007.jpghilltop engagement photos009.jpghilltop engagement photos010.jpghilltop engagement photos008hilltop engagement photos011.jpghilltop engagement photos012.jpghilltop engagement photos013.jpghilltop engagement photos014.jpghilltop engagement photos015.jpghilltop engagement photos017.jpghilltop engagement photos019.jpghilltop engagement photos021.jpghilltop engagement photos022.jpghilltop engagement photos024.jpghilltop engagement photos025.jpghilltop engagement photos026.jpghilltop engagement photos027.jpg


Over the last three years we’ve shot a lot in our studio. It’s now time to say goodbye to this space, we’ll miss it but hopefully the next space will hold a whole new atmosphere of its own when we find somewhere right. Yus and Marc are two very expressive people and very much in love.  I offer couple portraits in the Cotswolds,  the area is stunning as you can see here from this Cotswolds post I did. I really do love the area. Having just purchased a 5×4 large format camera I’ll be shooting more in the streets and hills and hopefully showing the Cotswolds as it is, less idealised but still immense.

Barry - Great work David, love the bed shots, cracking idea!

Julianne - I love this! Especially the ones where they’re snuggled on the bed :)

damian burcher - Some great fun and tender moments, love the interaction between them. Great variety.

bryan - those images on the bed. SO GOOD.

lisa lacroix - I’m digging the wind and directional light. fabulous work!!

caroline - love the chemistry between these two. great work, man!

Janet - such a cute couple :D
Love the BW bed shot…

Becky Young - You have a really unique style! I like the pictures with the wind, it’s like you can feel it in the images.

Jessica Schilling - So relaxed, intimate, and lovely, indoors and outdoors. Beautifully done.

Nathan Gilmer - These are so beautiful. I really love it. So natural and real.

naomi - beautiful work.

Matthew Irving - Very nice engagement session! I love your photography!

Jorina - I love this. So relaxed. I like the bed photos, I’m still hoping someone will let me shoot something like that one day, haha.

Sophie and Jay teepee wedding Norfolk

Tee-pee wedding photos001.jpgTee-pee wedding photos002.jpgTee-pee wedding photos003.jpgTee-pee wedding photos004.2.jpgTee-pee wedding photos004.jpgTee-pee wedding photos005.jpgTee-pee wedding photos006.jpgTee-pee wedding photos007.jpgTee-pee wedding photos008.jpgTee-pee wedding photos009.jpgTee-pee wedding photos010.jpgTee-pee wedding photos012.jpgTee-pee wedding photos013.jpgTee-pee wedding photos014.jpgTee-pee wedding photos016.jpgTee-pee wedding photos017.jpg

Tee-pee wedding photos015Tee-pee wedding photos018.jpgTee-pee wedding photos019.jpgTee-pee wedding photos020.jpgTee-pee wedding photos022.jpgTee-pee wedding photos024.jpgTee-pee-wedding-photos021.jpgTee-pee wedding photos025.jpgTee-pee wedding photos026.jpgTee-pee wedding photos027.jpgTee-pee wedding photos028.jpgTee-pee wedding photos029.jpgTee-pee wedding photos030.jpgTee-pee wedding photos031.jpgTee-pee wedding photos032.jpgTee-pee wedding photos033.jpgTee-pee wedding photos034.jpgTee-pee wedding photos035.jpgTee-pee wedding photos036.jpgTee-pee wedding photos038.jpgTee-pee-wedding-photos043.jpgTee-pee-wedding-photos037.jpgTee-pee wedding photos039.jpgTee-pee wedding photos040.jpgTee-pee wedding photos041.jpgTee-pee wedding photos042.jpg2014-04-02_0109Tee-pee wedding photos044.jpg2014-04-02_01082014-04-02_0107

Tee-pee wedding photos045.jpgTee-pee wedding photos046.jpgTee-pee wedding photos047.jpgTee-pee wedding photos048.jpgTee-pee wedding photos050.jpgTee-pee wedding photos051.jpgTee-pee wedding photos052.jpgTee-pee wedding photos053.jpgTee-pee wedding photos054.jpgTee-pee wedding photos055.jpgTee-pee wedding photos056.jpgTee-pee wedding photos057.jpgTee-pee wedding photos058.jpgTee-pee wedding photos059.jpgTee-pee wedding photos060.jpgTee-pee wedding photos061.jpgTee-pee wedding photos062.jpgTee-pee wedding photos063.jpgTee-pee wedding photos065.jpgTee-pee wedding photos066.jpgTee-pee wedding photos067.jpgTee-pee wedding photos068.jpgTee-pee wedding photos069.jpgTee-pee wedding photos070.jpgTee-pee wedding photos072.jpgTee-pee-wedding-photos071.jpgTee-pee wedding photos073.jpgTee-pee wedding photos074.jpgTee-pee wedding photos075.jpgTee-pee wedding photos076.jpgTee-pee wedding photos077.jpgTee-pee wedding photos079.jpgTee-pee wedding photos080.jpgTee-pee wedding photos081.jpgTee-pee wedding photos082.jpgTee-pee wedding photos083.jpgTee-pee wedding photos084.jpgTee-pee wedding photos085.jpgTee-pee wedding photos086.jpgTee-pee wedding photos087.jpgTee-pee wedding photos088.jpgTee-pee wedding photos089.jpgTee-pee wedding photos090.jpgTee-pee wedding photos091.jpgTee-pee wedding photos092.jpgTee-pee wedding photos093.jpgTee-pee wedding photos094.jpgTee-pee wedding photos095.jpgTee-pee wedding photos096.jpgTee-pee wedding photos097.jpgTee-pee wedding photos098.jpgTee-pee wedding photos099.jpg

shelly - oooh that is blummin lovely that is. Wonderful stuff dude.

Haydn Rydings - Real good stuff David, hats off.

Dominique - Stunning as always David. Just wonderful.

damian burcher - Beautiful set. The brides preps are wonderful especially the one with her looking straight at the camera with her friends behind, such a tender expression. Really like the processing on your black and whites. Great energy in your dance shots too.

Mercedes - David, this is beautiful! She is such a beautiful bride. Plus: dog.

Brett - Unreal! All around top notch stuff!

Jessie - Beautiful images filled with emotion! Love them.

Jessica Schilling - Reception in a teepee is one of the coolest things ever! Gorgeous dress, gorgeous couple, gorgeous moments!

Ross Harvey - All round loveliness! Love it.

Sachin Khona - Unreal dude. Beautiful wedding .. really love the brides portraits at the start. Gorgeous work.

Janet Palmer - Love everything, such soft beautiful images, gorgeous bride. I adore her dress.

rahul - brilliant work david! beautifully told.

Shella - Beautiful photos David!

bryan - ridiculously good.

Kat Forsyth - Wow! Stunning venue and such great storytelling from you! I feel like I was there.

Igor Demba - So much class dude!

Martin Price - Fabulous set of images, really great work :-)

Katharine Peachey - A perfect wedding gallery – from start to finish. Great stuff.

Chris - Really fantastic work.

Rob Dodsworth - Love everything about this! Really great storytelling.

Some favourite moments from 2013

It’s been a brilliant blur of a year. I got married in the mountains of Mallorca in August, got inspired at the Paris Art fair, shot loads of brilliant weddings, each and every one of which I can say I found uniquely interesting to shoot, I also shot a lot of families, engagement sessions and babies and lastly we found out Sarah was pregnant.  Next year is going to be even busier.

Below are some moments I’ve loved. I have some to post up from my own wedding and time in Mallorca but they can wait for another post. This is the rest. Each year I’m gradually shooting more for myself mainly on film and next year I’m working on projects to take this further.  I’ve just joined Instagram and plan to post up various bits of the coming shoots on there. If you want to follow me  please do. The weddings however still rock my world. If you’re getting married this year I’d love to hear about your plans?

Lastly as always thanks to my brilliant clients for bringing me along, it was a blast and Sarah for keeping my feet grounded.


In the silence of your bones and eyes forgotten magic sits and waits for fire

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Kellee Walsh - So many incredible moments David! Congrats on an amazing year. All the best for 2014!

Mercedes - David, your 2013 was so beautiful! No doubt 2014 will be even better.

Tomasz Wagner - Stunning work, David – those B&W shots in particular are mint. Congrats on a brilliant year and on your own wedding (getting married in the mountains of Mallorca sounds pretty awesome)

Igor Demba - Loving your Paris frames D. 2014 will be a good one!

Chloe - Well my goodness. It seems that I love everything you shoot.

shelly - Beautiful inspiring stuff. Can’t wait to see what next year brings you. xx

craigo williams - so amazing mate! you knocked it out the park on this! =)

Ann - Amazing, David. Loving the light, your colours and (if possible) the black and whites even more.
What a fab year to look back on and what an incredible year ahead for you and your family!

Tarah Coonan - Really stunning images, what a beautiful year you’ve had

small - What a fantastic year you have had!

david childers - Fantastic work, you really use the light to the best in every situation. My favorite is probably the couple kissing between the bushes with the lights around them. Lovely!

Jade Sheldon-Burnsed - What a beautiful year. Completely inspiring…

Jared Tseng - Crazy good! What a wonderful year for you.

iestyn - Great stuff dave… I forget how damn good you are!

Sabrina Kolotylo - You are incredibly talented my friend. Love your interesting composition and tones in the images. Beautiful. Portrait of the couple with the hedgehog, the best!

Michael Wachniak - you are the kind of photog that pushes me to step up my game (in a good way!). strong set of images. wow!

Mandy - Wow. You are insanely good David. So inspiring.

Sachin Khona - A beautiful year David! All the best for 2014.

ayesha - had to stop and stare several times scrolling down through this… what an amazing year you’ve had! felt like i was getting snippets of stories looking at each image… the variety here, from epic to intimate to simple detail, and the perfection of each kind, is super inspiring. well done, congratulations on the wedding too! best wishes on the biggest change of all coming up this year :)

Becca Dilley - How dare you hide a bridal portrait with a hedgehog in the midst of all the other images! Really great mix of things throughout this year, and I love the b+w image of the couple on the bench under the lights. Can’t wait to see what 2014 is like for you!

john day - wonderful work david – what a year, and exciting times ahead :)

ed peers - What a year David. Love your vision… Have an incredible 2014!

Albert Palmer - Incredible work David – here’s to a very special 2014 – wishing you the best of luck!

Fotograf ?lubny Lublin - It was a pleasure seeing those images:)

Paris » davidjenkinsphotography.com - […] The last two years myself and Sarah have been to Paris. I’d never been before but this second time I felt like we found some nice places to check out for food as well the Paris art fair again. If you’re into art it’s well worth a trip.  A few images from the first trip reappear from my original post rounding up last year. […]

Helena & Christian engagement London

Last year the fab Helena and Christian took me to a second hand furniture shop and cured meat shop for an engagement shoot near where they live. I included a couple of images for my end of year round up from last year here.  This was the time we spent together.


engagement shoot london2013-12-13_029david jenkins0022013-12-13_0262013-12-13_0252013-12-13_0082013-12-13_028david jenkins0072013-12-13_030david jenkins008david jenkins010david jenkins012david jenkins003david jenkins013david jenkins014david jenkins015david jenkins016david jenkins017david jenkins018david jenkins019


Helena and Christian, as a couple rock; they’re fun and interesting in equal measure and we had a great time. To say I’m jealous of their little corner of London is understatement.  I’ll soon be blogging their brilliant wedding which I shot this year. Thanks for inviting me along guys.

Igor Demba - This is so so good D.

Lam - beautiful photos of the couple.

Luke Hayden - Love this post David!

Albert Palmer - Love that portrait image of them both in the avenue.

Elissa - Gorgeous! That B&W of them under the flags is my favorite! I also really like the cleverness of the kiss behind the vase shot :)

Veronica Varos - These are spectacular. I especially love the shot of them walking in front of the brick wall. Stunning!

Caryn - Oh super rad! I love how relaxed and happy they look!

benj haisch - David. these are money. some really really killer frames in there. they’ve gotta be stoked. love the vibe.

mathias - man these have such a great feel to them! the first b&w portrait takes the cake for me.

tobiah - LOVE the colours warmth and feeling to your photos – you have a great style going on!

Tomasz Wagner - Love the variety of shots and locations here. Great work, David!

Michael Wachniak - There is a certain cinematic quality to these, dude. Loving the storytelling!

Andy Barnhart - Love the black and white in the street with the flags above. Beautiful job!

tim riddick - straight cash money homie… awesome set of images.

Notely Abbey wedding

Some weddings just have a life of their own that grows and grows and this was certainly one of them. It fizzed through a blur of soul, life and fun emanating from start to finish from it’s fab hosts and I’m extremely grateful to them I got the chance to capture it all. This was their day:

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Notely abby davidjenkins photography001Notely abby davidjenkins photography002Notely abby davidjenkins photography009Notely abby davidjenkins photography008Notely abby davidjenkins photography007Notely abby davidjenkins photography006Notely abby davidjenkins photography004Notely abby davidjenkins photography005Notely abby davidjenkins photography010Notely abby davidjenkins photography011Notely abby davidjenkins photography013Notely abby davidjenkins photography014Notely abby davidjenkins photography015Notely abby davidjenkins photography016Notely abby davidjenkins photography017Notely abby davidjenkins photography018Notely abby davidjenkins photography019Notely abby davidjenkins photography020Notely abby davidjenkins photography021Notely abby davidjenkins photography022Notely abby davidjenkins photography023Notely abby davidjenkins photography024Notely abby davidjenkins photography025.1Notely abby davidjenkins photography025Notely abby davidjenkins photography026Notely abby 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Juliet Mckee - Fabulously shot wedding. Beautiful people, gorgeous details. An absolute stunner.

Dasha - Wow, David! So visually stunning and so many beautiful and fun moments captured! Amazing

Tarah Coonan - What a stunning wedding, every photo is like a fashion shoot. Gorgeous work as always

Ellie - This is stunning and the bride looks like a supermodel!

Yuri - so much class. beautiful work!

Amy Barton - Wow wow wow!! What a stunning wedding and beautifully shot – gorgeous work David!

/mariahedengren - I love the excitement in these images.

small - Such a gorgeous wedding! I love the detail of the flowers hanging upside down.

Sam - Your vision and eye on the wedding day is amazing. Every single moment is just masterful. I love her laugh and expression.

Kat Forsyth - This just looks like the most fun, in love day! Perfect.

Natalie Champa Jennings - You have a talent for capturing emotion! Fantastic :)

Leah Muse - Her dress.. is amazing. The whole wedding is amazing! Beautiful captures.

Will Kim - amazing wedding~! love the portraits!

Jonathan David - Wow! An amazing wedding and absolutely brilliant coverage of the day! Love the colours and adore your style!

ayesha - gooood grief what an insanely gorgeous couple! really beautiful wedding photography here – you nailed everything: the moments, the emotions, the details, the fun party and most of the all the love.

rich - these are MONEY.

Thomas Steibl - beautiful venue, chic couple and a superb work man.