Pregnancy studio shoot

I’ve not blogged about the studio much before but last year we opened a studio right here in Cheltenham and called it Everything We Love.  I love shooting weddings but I’ve never been solely a wedding shooter. One thing I’ve always enjoyed photographing is photographing women. This for me has always been a big part of weddings anyway, capturing elegance through light and movement. The studio now means we can shoot more natural portraits but in a nice open light filled environment as well as some more fashion type portraits which I’ve got more plans for next year, for absolutely anyone or any couple who want something like that. We go out, get a whole lot of outfits and then turn it into a bit of a dressing up party (if a thing exists which I’m pretty sure it did when we were six).  This is Wendy, she’s very cool:






craig williams - this is beautiful mate! the colours are first class. =)

Janet - love love love… a seriously divine collection of images

Ed - I love these. Your studio work is great :)

rahul - beautiful…awesome tones!

Luisa Brimble - this is so beautiful David. i love the softness of your images. almost delicate yet very elegant. i love the confidence you have to make her look and feel so absolutely comfortable in front of the camera. really beautiful.

meg - gorgeous work. im wishing i had these done when i was pregnant!

gabe aceves - david, these are gorgeous. really great stuff.

Marie - Very pretty David, you really captured her beautifully

Victoria - This is a beautiful collection of photographs David. Mum must be thrilled with these.

PJ - colors are beautiful…you can see it is film ;)

Emily - Sooooo beautiful. What a gorgeous woman, and all of these shots are so stunning. That black lace dress outfit is stunning. I bet she LOVES these- what a wonderful celebration of pregnancy and femininity!!

tim riddick - dude this is so damn good. I love the tone of the color frames!

Farrah Allan - Just discovered your work through the FIND crew, David. It’s absolutely stunning. So so natural.

Studio in Cheltenham | Grey Likes Baby - [...] David Jenkins is more typically a wedding photographer, however he has recently opened up a studio in Cheltenham UK and did this elegant maternity shoot there. I am smitten with the modern red chair contrasting this neutral shoot, the relaxed posing, and the stunning elegance that the mother is made of. [...]

In and Out naval club london wedding

It’s got to be said Genevieve is one the most stylish brides I’ve been lucky enough to photograph (and I’m not forgetting Matt who looked pretty damn suave too).

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I’m also doubly pleased that this wedding brought some classic London chic by getting featured in  Style Me Pretty’s fashion magazine and with the London Olympics in full swing now feels the right time to blog this wedding. This is London, albeit with the feel of a different era.





pen - Oh my. This wedding is totally sublime.
Every image is a stunning capture. I can totally see why Style Me Pretty were all over it!

Dominique - Absolutely stunning work David. I just love your captures. Especially love the portraits.

ed peers - Superb David.

Chloe - Just when I think you can’t get any better, you go and do this. Just fantastic.

Lizzie - Wow.

Victoria - Such a beautiful collection of images David: elegant and timeless.

Natasha Thompson - just got a new monitor and had a true pleasure looking at the above images – simply stunning! each and every frame is a piece of photographic art!

Lucy Stendall - Phenomenal.

Birgit - Absolutely beautiful – everything! Great work, David!

bryan - amazing coverage. especially love all the emotion in the getting ready shots.

Stephen Rotondo - Absolutely stunning images here David, beautiful work!

nick - one word: GORGEOUS!!!!!

Ryan Brenizer - Such fantastic style. Gorgeous all over.

Sara - WOW this wedding is stunning. So classic. Wonderful images.

sachin khona - Your work is incredible David. Wow .. inspired!

Peter Yana - David, Absolutely fantastic coverage. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall watching you photograph this wedding..

tim - This is class. Beautiful work David.

jonathan canlas - dude, you are incredible. like seriously, incredible.

small - Stylish and dapper is right! You did a terrific job!

sam hurd - first one. excellent. great set overall!

Lizzie - Wow, this is so stunning – and what a beautiful bride. Would love the know where the grooms suit was from?


David - Thanks Lizzie, I’ll find out from Genevieve for you and you let you know.

john day - These are bloody brilliant David, can’t stop looking at them, absolute classic :)

gee - Delicious !!!!!
P.S. Love your logo lol

Miles - Lovely lovely dress! I love the back details. Awesome documentation of the wedding in photos, too :D

Chicago Wedding Photographer - WASIO photography - Absolutely stunning photos! I enjoyed looking through them. It’s so classy and timeless!

Family and being a father


It all started with the first image below.  Myself and Sarah had gone away on holiday with friends to Croatia, to an amazing music festival. It was perfect for relaxing by the sea with some music, we’d been before to Croatia (Dubrovnik), accept this time things were different, other than the fact we were further up the coast  Sarah was pregnant. I’m not sure I fully appreciated then what I appreciate now but how could you? Sure, I knew there would be a lot to do and going out whenever wouldn’t be what life was about but it’s hard to judge how you might be affected.

These are pretty much the only shots I took of her during the nine months and even these very nearly didn’t exist because my dog got the film in her mouth and started to chew it just before I managed to save it.  We’re going back again next week which what prompted me to blog these and write a bit about the time since having Audrey. The thing is being a dad is tough – I could probably also write being a mum is tough, but with me being a man and writing this from a personal point of view I wanted to put it out there.  I know looking below it might seem that I fit the role naturally but really I don’t – as odd as it sounds I’m not a natural dad. For me adjusting to the life of a family man has been a big curve, I loved weekends and parties, clubs and mornings after and I knew a lot of people in that passing ships kind of way that a London night life offers – you just don’t see certain characters away from that environment yet sure enough in the kitchen at the next party at five in the morning or at the festival as the sun is rising they’ll be there at the bar primed and ready with the best conversation devoid of all boundaries or judgments. It’s no lie I miss those times and I miss those characters.   There’s something about modern life where it’s as if you’re not meant to think like that and there’s a natural age you cross where suddenly you’re a changed person and maybe watching Phil and Kirsty on Channel 4 won’t be such a bad thing – oh no,  it will.  I’m not saying being a dad isn’t also great, because it is. Taking time to get a smile from Audrey is pretty amazing…. every… time. I love putting her to bed and watching her suck her thumb; being a dad is great but it’s also hard, especially if you still love getting out and for other potential dads worried they’re not ready, well if you’re like me, you probably never will be, but’s that okay, we’re all different and you’ll do just fine.

Well we head back next week with friends and I’m really excited. These are some of the moments so far.

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Dasha - She is such a cute head and looks soooooo much like you, David! Love her ‘serious’ faces, hehe :) amazing images of your family! And honest post. Good one

Kirsten - These are beautiful, David. You will treasure them all always. It really does change your life, and speaking as a relatively new mum, it’s possibly harder for us than it is for you men ;) I used to have the freedom to go to gigs every week, wander off the cinema whenever the fancy took me. No more. Now nights out have to be planned with military precision (and way more cost), and guilt. But I know I’ll look back and be glad I made the decision I did. We can’t party forever ;)

Veronica Varos - These are so adorable. You have such a cute family. :)

Jodes - These shots are beautiful. You all look so happy and wonderful. Fantastic David!

Sacha Miller - Don’t worry too much David you got those great conversations at the school gate to look forward to in a couple of years!

Steve Koo - Love these, David. And as a new father, I appreciate both your words and your work even more!

dan - These are gorgeous. Love the film is not dead shirt!

Heather - That last shot is precious!!

Brian Kraft - Oh, so nice! Just gorgeous. You are very lucky to have your family and your family is luck to have you… as the person you are, but also the bonus of being such a great built-in family photographer!

Kim - These photos are absolutely gorgeous, and as someone who is always on the fence about whether or not I want to become a parent someday, I truly appreciate your candidness and honesty!

Naomi Goggin - These are really wonderful and free, and so emotive. x

caroline - these are so beautiful!!! what a beautiful family.

Mercedes - This is a lovely little peek into your life. Your family is adorable and you will absolutely cherish these when they’re older.

shane - Great shots Dave, congrats! Love to all the family.

Nessa K - Those are some good genes. :)

ed peers - So precious David. Beautiful.

Herbie - Last shot is special for sure. Thanks for being you – *mwah*

Igor Demba - Truly beautiful David. What a treasure!

derek - These are amazing, wonderful work David!