Black & White



All from the Hope & Grace shoot in our studio.

Accessories   Hope & Grace

Make-up   Di MacDonald

Flowers   Fiona Perry

Dominique - STUNNING! Just love that last shot. Amazing.

Luisa Brimble - WOW!!!!! So stunningly elegant! First frame!!!!! My word!

Angie Realce - BEAUTIFUL!

Igor Demba - Absolutely beaut David!

Ed Osborn - Wow. AMAZING shots!

ed peers - So good David. Nailed.

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Cripps Barn wedding photographer



Marie and Duncan are two very lovely people. All the best for the future guys and thank you for letting me be part of your day!



Thank you so so so much for the stunning pictures. We absolutely love them and Marie is still looking at them and now wont go to bed!!!
Thank you once again, they truly are beautiful and we could not be happier.”


Dress: Suzanne Neville

Make Up: Sophie Charmings

Hair:  Heidi Vince

Hairpiece: Jenny Packham 

Flowers: Rachel Jones

Suit: Cad & the Dandy



Dominique - Really beautiful David. Love that portrait of the Marie from the back.

Fotografia Slubna - How did you do this guys ?!! Marvelous shots !!! I’ll be following you.

AdonyeJaja - Absolutely beautiful work, so well photographed and displayed. I love the bouquet portrait, it is spot on!

Anushe Low - Beautiful work David!

benj haisch - so jealous of that light you had to shoot with!

Heather - Her dress is gorgeous & I love that venue!!

Jared Tseng - So elegant! Lovely set.

ed peers - This is awesome David…

shipra - the way you captured the bride getting ready is amazing…really love the way you used the light to create such drama for those.

Nora - This is such a beautiful wedding and you’ve done a marvelous job capturing it.

Michael Samaripa - Absolutely envious of your location and your mastery of film work! That dress is really fitting, and the venue is nothing short of awesome!

Jimmy - Great stuff. That barn looks amazing!

Lesley Pattinson - Wow stunning set of images, they are all fab but the shot of the bride from behind with the sunglare is a heart stopper so so beautiful!

Johanna - Everything about this wedding is so… dreamy. Light as a feather.

Tyler - such freakin solid documenting! really impressive, david.

Chloe - You are really,
quite fantastic.

Proposal at Peggy Porschen cakes

This was no ordinary shoot and I’ve never been asked to photograph a proposal before. Ten shots, in a shop, that was all I had to do and Anna the lovely lady being proposed to had no idea I would be there. But and here’s the thing, the potential for the whole thing to be totally awkward, was MASSIVE, at least in my mind. In a perverse way this is why I wanted to do this shoot. I really had no idea how it would map out and it was only after I saw the cake that I realised the proposal was in fact written on the cake itself. I thought I was going to have to stealthily listen in from another table for the magic words which I wouldn’t have understood anyway because they would have been German.  Luckily for me Ralph is a/the dude and we got on brilliantly on the phone and to tell you the truth I don’t think he knew how it would work either, but in the end it was big fun. Ralph went to get the cake, I was having a cup of tea on another table (in a trench coat and plastic moustache) and back he came with it (I think the tears might have also given it away en route to the table while he was carrying the cake) and a couple of seconds after putting it down Anna also had tears, no listening in needed, these are the ten(ish) images that resulted.



Thanks to the cool Ralph and Anna. If you like classic art and live in Germany this is Ralphs gallery. And if you want to sample some incredible cakes Peggy Porschen is the lady!



john day - awww – that’s pure magic David, really caught the emotions perfectly :)

Pink Car Rally - How beautiful….. what a lucky lady! I don’t suppose you know whether Ralph has a brother???????? (Only kidding). :-)

etta - So sweet!! :-) Congratulations!!

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Emily Peckham - Wow, what a lovely proposal and such lovely pics. :-)

Hope & Grace ~ Coming soon.





Peter Ntamark - Hello David,
This is sure to be the first of many comments that I make regarding your work. I am a big of yours already, and this incredible image you’ve posted is flawless. Very well done. Do you shoot film exclusively?

David Jenkins - Hi Peter, thanks. It’s a mixture, this shoot was nearly all film.

john day - stunning – can’t wait to see these in full :)

Peter Lawson - Stunning! Your work suits film perfectly!

Dominique - Sigh, just amazing.

Agnes - Breathtaking!