Some weddings just have a life of their own that grows and grows and this was certainly one of them. It fizzed through a blur of soul, life and fun emanating from start to finish from it's fab hosts and I'm extremely grateful to them I got the chance to capture it all. This was t
A beautiful evening in London last year.     London has a lot of sides which is why it's still one of my favourite place in the world. This kind of night in a small London hotel with just a few guests but a whole load of feeling and emotion shows off on
Well I'm now married.  A week out in Mallorca in a villa with a soundsystem, some records, my family and my best friends. It was a brilliant blur and the best time I've ever had, I honestly couldn't imagine a better time. Some images coming soon but as well as getting married I'v
Lizzie and Alex are two very cool people and theirs was my kind of wedding. Relaxed, fun and stylish. I could photograph the two of them all year if that doesn't sound freaky. The venue is the detail and their warmth the heart of it.  You really don't need more.  
Every wedding is different and so too are clients. I've always enjoyed chatting to people and this is one of the things I like most about weddings, chatting to new people and getting to know them. I love photography as well but I'm all about getting on well with the people I'm ph
  I believe all art is shaped by the time and place it came from. When I was younger I never had a dog so didn't really venture into the landscape around Bromley but  naturally I feel connected to the greyness, the music and feel of the area even though I haven't live
Last summer we went away to a place that I'm growing to love more and more.  The people are chilled out and friendly and the coast line is a maze of islands. Not only that but it hosts some of the best music festivals in the world. For me music festivals in the UK have felt a lit