It’s been a brilliant blur of a year. I got married in the mountains of Mallorca in August, got inspired at the Paris Art fair, shot loads of brilliant weddings, each and every one of which I can say I found uniquely interesting to shoot, I also shot a lot of families, engagement sessions and babies and lastly we found out Sarah was pregnant.  Next year is going to be even busier.

Below are some moments I’ve loved. I have some to post up from my own wedding and time in Mallorca but they can wait for another post. This is the rest. Each year I’m gradually shooting more for myself mainly on film and next year I’m working on projects to take this further.  I’ve just joined Instagram and plan to post up various bits of the coming shoots on there. If you want to follow me  please do. The weddings however still rock my world. If you’re getting married this year I’d love to hear about your plans?

Lastly as always thanks to my brilliant clients for bringing me along, it was a blast and Sarah for keeping my feet grounded.


In the silence of your bones and eyes forgotten magic sits and waits for fire

David Jenkins 2013131David Jenkins 2013130David Jenkins 2013129David Jenkins 2013128David Jenkins 2013127David Jenkins 2013126David Jenkins 2013125David Jenkins 2013124David Jenkins 2013123David Jenkins 2013122David Jenkins 2013121David Jenkins 2013120David Jenkins 2013119David Jenkins 2013117Gloucestershire wedding photographerDavid Jenkins 2013115David Jenkins 2013114David Jenkins 2013113David Jenkins 2013112David Jenkins 2013111Le Manoir film photographerDavid Jenkins 2013110David Jenkins 2013109David Jenkins 2013108David Jenkins 2013107David Jenkins 2013106David Jenkins 2013105David Jenkins 2013103David Jenkins 2013102David Jenkins 2013101David Jenkins 2013100David Jenkins 2013099David Jenkins 2013098David Jenkins 2013097David Jenkins 2013096David Jenkins 2013095David Jenkins 2013094David Jenkins 2013093Barnsley house wedding photographerDavid Jenkins 2013089David Jenkins 2013088David Jenkins 2013087Cripps barn wedding photographerDavid Jenkins 2013086David Jenkins 2013085David Jenkins 2013084Cowley Manor wedding photographerDavid Jenkins 2013083David Jenkins 2013082David Jenkins 2013081David Jenkins 2013080David Jenkins 2013078Babington house film photosDavid Jenkins 2013077David Jenkins 2013076David Jenkins 2013075David Jenkins 2013074David Jenkins 2013073David Jenkins 2013072David Jenkins 2013071David Jenkins 2013070David Jenkins 2013069David Jenkins 2013068David Jenkins 2013067David Jenkins 2013066David Jenkins 2013065David Jenkins 2013064Cheltenham family photographerDavid Jenkins 2013062David Jenkins 2013061David Jenkins 2013060David Jenkins 2013059David Jenkins 2013058David Jenkins 2013057David Jenkins 2013056David Jenkins 2013055David Jenkins 2013052David Jenkins 2013051David Jenkins 2013050David Jenkins 2013049David Jenkins 2013047David Jenkins 2013046David Jenkins 2013045David Jenkins 2013044David Jenkins 2013043David Jenkins 2013042David Jenkins 2013041David Jenkins 2013040David Jenkins 2013039David Jenkins 2013038David Jenkins 2013037David Jenkins 2013036David Jenkins 2013035David Jenkins 2013034David Jenkins 2013033David Jenkins 2013032David Jenkins 2013031David Jenkins 2013029David Jenkins 2013028David Jenkins 2013027David Jenkins 2013026David Jenkins 2013025David Jenkins 2013024David Jenkins 2013023David Jenkins 2013022David Jenkins 2013021David Jenkins 2013020David Jenkins 2013019David Jenkins 2013018David Jenkins 2013017David Jenkins 2013016David Jenkins 2013015David Jenkins 2013014David Jenkins 2013013David Jenkins 2013012David Jenkins 2013011David Jenkins 2013009David Jenkins 2013008David Jenkins 2013006David Jenkins 2013005David Jenkins 2013004David Jenkins 2013003gloucestershire film wedding photographyDavid Jenkins 2013002

  1. Kellee Walsh said:
    So many incredible moments David! Congrats on an amazing year. All the best for 2014!
    January 20, 2014  12:56 am
  2. Mercedes said:
    David, your 2013 was so beautiful! No doubt 2014 will be even better.
    January 20, 2014  3:33 am
  3. Stunning work, David - those B&W shots in particular are mint. Congrats on a brilliant year and on your own wedding (getting married in the mountains of Mallorca sounds pretty awesome)
    January 20, 2014  7:07 am
  4. Igor Demba said:
    Loving your Paris frames D. 2014 will be a good one!
    January 20, 2014  7:15 am
  5. Chloe said:
    Well my goodness. It seems that I love everything you shoot.
    January 20, 2014  9:14 am
  6. shelly said:
    Beautiful inspiring stuff. Can't wait to see what next year brings you. xx
    January 20, 2014  10:41 am
  7. so amazing mate! you knocked it out the park on this! =)
    January 20, 2014  12:33 pm
  8. Ann said:
    Amazing, David. Loving the light, your colours and (if possible) the black and whites even more.
    What a fab year to look back on and what an incredible year ahead for you and your family!
    January 20, 2014  12:43 pm
  9. Tarah Coonan said:
    Really stunning images, what a beautiful year you've had
    January 20, 2014  4:00 pm
  10. small said:
    What a fantastic year you have had!
    January 20, 2014  4:42 pm
  11. Fantastic work, you really use the light to the best in every situation. My favorite is probably the couple kissing between the bushes with the lights around them. Lovely!
    January 20, 2014  5:43 pm
  12. Jared Tseng said:
    Crazy good! What a wonderful year for you.
    January 20, 2014  7:29 pm
  13. iestyn said:
    Great stuff dave... I forget how damn good you are!
    January 20, 2014  8:15 pm
  14. You are incredibly talented my friend. Love your interesting composition and tones in the images. Beautiful. Portrait of the couple with the hedgehog, the best!
    January 20, 2014  9:13 pm
  15. you are the kind of photog that pushes me to step up my game (in a good way!). strong set of images. wow!
    January 20, 2014  10:54 pm
  16. Mandy said:
    Wow. You are insanely good David. So inspiring.
    January 21, 2014  12:47 am
  17. Sachin Khona said:
    A beautiful year David! All the best for 2014.
    January 21, 2014  8:12 pm
  18. ayesha said:
    had to stop and stare several times scrolling down through this... what an amazing year you've had! felt like i was getting snippets of stories looking at each image... the variety here, from epic to intimate to simple detail, and the perfection of each kind, is super inspiring. well done, congratulations on the wedding too! best wishes on the biggest change of all coming up this year :)
    January 22, 2014  12:42 am
  19. Becca Dilley said:
    How dare you hide a bridal portrait with a hedgehog in the midst of all the other images! Really great mix of things throughout this year, and I love the b+w image of the couple on the bench under the lights. Can't wait to see what 2014 is like for you!
    January 22, 2014  4:47 pm
  20. john day said:
    wonderful work david - what a year, and exciting times ahead :)
    January 23, 2014  2:36 pm
  21. ed peers said:
    What a year David. Love your vision... Have an incredible 2014!
    January 27, 2014  11:56 am
  22. Incredible work David - here's to a very special 2014 - wishing you the best of luck!
    February 14, 2014  9:26 pm
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  24. benj haisch said:
    I got totally sucked into your work and then did a big double take when I saw Shruti on this post! thats amazing! I shot both of her sibling's weddings in Nairobi! love your work.
    November 22, 2014  12:56 am

Last year the fab Helena and Christian took me to a second hand furniture shop and cured meat shop for an engagement shoot near where they live. I included a couple of images for my end of year round up from last year here.  This was the time we spent together.


engagement shoot london2013-12-13_029david jenkins0022013-12-13_0262013-12-13_0252013-12-13_0082013-12-13_028david jenkins0072013-12-13_030david jenkins008david jenkins010david jenkins012david jenkins003david jenkins013david jenkins014david jenkins015david jenkins016david jenkins017david jenkins018david jenkins019


Helena and Christian, as a couple rock; they’re fun and interesting in equal measure and we had a great time. To say I’m jealous of their little corner of London is understatement.  I’ll soon be blogging their brilliant wedding which I shot this year. Thanks for inviting me along guys.

  1. Igor Demba said:
    This is so so good D.
    December 15, 2013  8:49 pm
  2. Lam said:
    beautiful photos of the couple.
    December 18, 2013  7:18 am
  3. Love that portrait image of them both in the avenue.
    December 18, 2013  3:00 pm
  4. Elissa said:
    Gorgeous! That B&W of them under the flags is my favorite! I also really like the cleverness of the kiss behind the vase shot :)
    December 18, 2013  5:03 pm
  5. These are spectacular. I especially love the shot of them walking in front of the brick wall. Stunning!
    December 18, 2013  5:59 pm
  6. Caryn said:
    Oh super rad! I love how relaxed and happy they look!
    December 18, 2013  7:02 pm
  7. benj haisch said:
    David. these are money. some really really killer frames in there. they've gotta be stoked. love the vibe.
    December 18, 2013  7:04 pm
  8. mathias said:
    man these have such a great feel to them! the first b&w portrait takes the cake for me.
    December 18, 2013  7:26 pm
  9. tobiah said:
    LOVE the colours warmth and feeling to your photos - you have a great style going on!
    December 18, 2013  8:55 pm
  10. Love the variety of shots and locations here. Great work, David!
    December 18, 2013  9:46 pm
  11. There is a certain cinematic quality to these, dude. Loving the storytelling!
    December 18, 2013  9:50 pm
  12. Love the black and white in the street with the flags above. Beautiful job!
    December 19, 2013  1:54 am
  13. tim riddick said:
    straight cash money homie... awesome set of images.
    December 19, 2013  6:16 pm

Some weddings just have a life of their own that grows and grows and this was certainly one of them. It fizzed through a blur of soul, life and fun emanating from start to finish from it’s fab hosts and I’m extremely grateful to them I got the chance to capture it all. This was their day:

Notely abby davidjenkins photography001Notely abby davidjenkins photography002Notely abby davidjenkins photography009Notely abby davidjenkins photography008Notely abby davidjenkins photography007Notely abby davidjenkins photography006Notely abby davidjenkins photography004Notely abby davidjenkins photography005Notely abby davidjenkins photography010Notely abby davidjenkins photography011Notely abby davidjenkins photography013Notely abby davidjenkins photography014Notely abby davidjenkins photography015Notely abby davidjenkins photography016Notely abby davidjenkins photography017Notely abby davidjenkins photography018Notely abby davidjenkins photography019Notely abby davidjenkins photography020Notely abby davidjenkins photography021Notely abby davidjenkins photography022Notely abby davidjenkins photography023Notely abby davidjenkins photography024Notely abby davidjenkins photography025.1Notely abby davidjenkins photography025Notely abby davidjenkins photography026Notely abby 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  1. Juliet Mckee said:
    Fabulously shot wedding. Beautiful people, gorgeous details. An absolute stunner.
    November 21, 2013  10:29 pm
  2. Dasha said:
    Wow, David! So visually stunning and so many beautiful and fun moments captured! Amazing
    November 29, 2013  9:41 am
  3. Tarah Coonan said:
    What a stunning wedding, every photo is like a fashion shoot. Gorgeous work as always
    November 29, 2013  9:46 am
  4. Ellie said:
    This is stunning and the bride looks like a supermodel!
    November 29, 2013  9:51 am
  5. Yuri said:
    so much class. beautiful work!
    November 29, 2013  8:36 pm
  6. Amy Barton said:
    Wow wow wow!! What a stunning wedding and beautifully shot - gorgeous work David!
    December 5, 2013  12:35 pm
  7. small said:
    Such a gorgeous wedding! I love the detail of the flowers hanging upside down.
    December 5, 2013  4:15 pm
  8. Sam said:
    Your vision and eye on the wedding day is amazing. Every single moment is just masterful. I love her laugh and expression.
    December 5, 2013  6:50 pm
  9. Kat Forsyth said:
    This just looks like the most fun, in love day! Perfect.
    December 5, 2013  7:17 pm
  10. Leah Muse said:
    Her dress.. is amazing. The whole wedding is amazing! Beautiful captures.
    December 5, 2013  8:25 pm
  11. Will Kim said:
    amazing wedding~! love the portraits!
    December 5, 2013  10:58 pm
  12. Wow! An amazing wedding and absolutely brilliant coverage of the day! Love the colours and adore your style!
    December 6, 2013  3:37 am
  13. ayesha said:
    gooood grief what an insanely gorgeous couple! really beautiful wedding photography here - you nailed everything: the moments, the emotions, the details, the fun party and most of the all the love.
    December 6, 2013  4:37 am
  14. rich said:
    these are MONEY.
    December 6, 2013  7:01 am
  15. beautiful venue, chic couple and a superb work man.
    December 6, 2013  10:38 am

A beautiful evening in London last year.


David Jenkins photography001David Jenkins photography008David Jenkins photography0022013-10-29_078David Jenkins photography005David Jenkins photography015David Jenkins photography006David Jenkins photography007David Jenkins photography010David Jenkins photography011David Jenkins photography012David Jenkins photography014David Jenkins photography013David Jenkins photography009David Jenkins photography017David Jenkins photography018David Jenkins photography019David Jenkins photography0202013-10-29_077David Jenkins photography023David Jenkins photography024David Jenkins photography025David Jenkins photography026David Jenkins photography027David Jenkins photography028David Jenkins photography029David Jenkins photography030David Jenkins photography031David Jenkins photography032David Jenkins photography033David Jenkins photography034David Jenkins photography035David Jenkins photography036David Jenkins photography037David Jenkins photography038David Jenkins photography039David Jenkins photography040David Jenkins photography041David Jenkins photography042David Jenkins photography043David Jenkins photography044David Jenkins photography045David Jenkins photography046David Jenkins photography047David Jenkins photography048David Jenkins photography049David Jenkins photography050David Jenkins photography051David Jenkins photography052David Jenkins photography053David Jenkins photography054David Jenkins photography055David Jenkins photography056David Jenkins photography057David Jenkins photography058David Jenkins photography059David Jenkins photography060David Jenkins photography061David Jenkins photography062David Jenkins photography063David Jenkins photography0642013-10-29_080David Jenkins photography066David Jenkins photography067David Jenkins photography068David Jenkins photography069David Jenkins photography070haymarket hotel london


London has a lot of sides which is why it’s still one of my favourite place in the world. This kind of night in a small London hotel with just a few guests but a whole load of feeling and emotion shows off one of those sides. It’s both beautiful and classy but also unstuffy and inclusive, everyone in the room on this night made it what it was.  Thank you Sophie and Will for letting me share such a warm and intimate evening.

  1. Jason said:
    Wow, this is a beautiful venue (and couple!). Great work David, really amazing coverage.
    October 29, 2013  6:54 pm
  2. Tyler said:
    unreal documenting. so good, david.
    October 29, 2013  8:22 pm
  3. Heather J said:
    These are unreal. I feel like I just stepped into a movie from the 1960s. Beautiful, classic, timeless.
    October 29, 2013  8:38 pm
  4. Adonye Jaja said:
    this is simply gorgeous work. She picked the perfect dress for the night and you captured them wonderfully!
    October 29, 2013  8:49 pm
  5. Igor Demba said:
    Bro Jenkins you seriously did an incredible job here. Beaut.
    October 29, 2013  9:38 pm
  6. Matthew Long said:
    Skilled documentary work David. A joy.
    October 29, 2013  10:51 pm
  7. JESSIE said:
    I love the shot of her walking with her parents and her father carrying her bouquet! Their happiness and laughter during their vows made me smile. Beautiful work!
    October 30, 2013  12:40 am
  8. Dominique said:
    Amazing as always David. So much style!
    October 30, 2013  9:45 am
  9. Damien Furey said:
    Great set David, super classy!
    October 30, 2013  11:09 am
  10. Steve Markow said:
    Great work David. This was so much fun to look through!
    October 30, 2013  3:08 pm
  11. Absolutely stunning work! I'm so in love with the prep shots!
    October 30, 2013  4:44 pm
  12. Fantastic documentation of such a beautiful, intimate wedding. Stunning venue, too!
    November 4, 2013  2:42 am
  13. Emanuelle said:
    Very nice shots!! The black and white is fantastic!!
    December 2, 2013  8:22 am
  14. Gorgeous wedding pictures, london has many romantic stay at any one of these romantic places.
    December 27, 2013  9:10 am

Well I’m now married.  A week out in Mallorca in a villa with a soundsystem, some records, my family and my best friends. It was a brilliant blur and the best time I’ve ever had, I honestly couldn’t imagine a better time. Some images coming soon but as well as getting married I’ve had a busy summer with weddings. I still get a buzz at a wedding and I get a buzz shooting them maybe more so now strangely than ever before having been excited all year about my own. Anyhow this is some of what I’ve been up to.



gloucestershire wedding photographersDavid Jenkins 2013002David Jenkins 2013003David Jenkins 2013004David Jenkins 2013005David Jenkins 2013006David Jenkins 2013007David Jenkins 2013008David Jenkins 2013009David Jenkins 2013010David Jenkins 2013013David Jenkins 2013014David Jenkins 2013015David Jenkins 20130122013-09-12_048David Jenkins 2013016David Jenkins 2013017David Jenkins 2013018David Jenkins 2013019David Jenkins 2013020David Jenkins 2013021David Jenkins 2013022David Jenkins 2013023David Jenkins 20130242013-09-12_094David Jenkins 2013011butterfliesDavid Jenkins 2013027David Jenkins 2013028hedgehog photosDavid Jenkins 2013030David Jenkins 2013031David Jenkins 2013032David Jenkins 2013033David Jenkins 2013034David Jenkins 2013035David Jenkins 2013036David Jenkins 2013038David Jenkins 2013039David Jenkins 2013040David Jenkins 2013041David Jenkins 2013042David Jenkins 2013043David Jenkins 2013044David Jenkins 2013045

  1. Igor Demba said:
    So good Mr Jenkins, freaking good indeed.
    September 13, 2013  6:10 am
  2. john day said:
    bloody brilliant buddy :)
    September 13, 2013  10:20 am
  3. Tune! I looked at each of these images for far too long.
    September 13, 2013  2:55 pm
  4. Sachin Khona said:
    Congrats on your wedding David.. these images above look epic!
    Loved seeing all the different moments and the dresses in each one are stunning.
    September 13, 2013  4:25 pm
  5. David McNeil said:
    what a lovely summer it was in London - and you have captured beautiful memories for these lovely couples!
    September 13, 2013  8:06 pm
  6. small said:
    You have worked with some gorgeous people this summer! What beautiful weddings. Great work!
    September 13, 2013  9:10 pm
  7. naomi said:
    so much beautiful work, david. blown away, as always. big congratulations!
    September 14, 2013  10:27 am
  8. Teresa K said:
    Amazing, love, LOVE
    September 15, 2013  3:59 am
  9. Mario Colli said:
    Just one word ... Stunning !
    September 15, 2013  11:49 am
  10. Anton Chia said:
    Wonderful moments in beautiful colors and dreamy tones. Gorgeous work!
    September 16, 2013  7:29 am
  11. rahul said:
    Amazing work david!!!! Stunning!
    September 16, 2013  4:18 pm
  12. mathias said:
    love all the emotion in these! also, hedgehogs are the bomb.
    September 17, 2013  8:25 pm
  13. Amazing work david, Really love your tones.
    September 19, 2013  10:56 am
  14. Linnea said:
    Huge congrats on your wedding! That must have been wonderful to have that week with family and loved ones. The wedding images you posted are so darn beautiful. I especially love the one with the hedgehog. Impossibly cute!
    October 6, 2013  3:12 am
  15. Congratulations on your wedding and a sublime set of images! Beautiful.
    October 21, 2013  12:22 pm

Lizzie and Alex are two very cool people and theirs was my kind of wedding. Relaxed, fun and stylish. I could photograph the two of them all year if that doesn’t sound freaky. The venue is the detail and their warmth the heart of it.  You really don’t need more.


David jenkinsmiddleton lodge


Venue: Middleton Lodge

Shoes: Valentino

  1. Mary Sylvia said:
    I wish I could link to the exact image, but there's this one black and white one during the ceremony where she's looking at the groom and it's such a great capture.
    July 31, 2013  3:47 am
  2. Justin said:
    Very nice and elegant wedding, the couple should be super happy with the pictures!
    July 31, 2013  5:23 am
  3. ayesha said:
    oh wow... incredibly classy and down-to-earth at the same time - what a gorgeous couple and wedding! a lot of fantastic moments you nailed here - i love the shot of the bride sitting on the bed with her bridesmaids, and the one mary mentioned - the smile on her face!! love it! - and the one of the little girls leaning over to watch during the ceremony... the list goes on! beautifully done.
    July 31, 2013  9:56 am
  4. Love your style David. You can see the love in these.
    July 31, 2013  11:21 am
  5. It's my first time on your blog David, but I can say I'll be coming back for more. Your work is lovely!
    July 31, 2013  4:29 pm
  6. Wow. I love your processing and these are all amazing. Killer work. I look forward to blog stalking you!
    July 31, 2013  5:57 pm
  7. Steve Koo said:
    What a beautiful wedding with so much great emotion! Nice work, David!
    July 31, 2013  7:19 pm
  8. Brian Kraft said:
    Beautifully done. What an elegant looking wedding. And your photos match that elegance perfectly.
    July 31, 2013  7:44 pm
  9. heather nan said:
    So classy and so stunning! Excellent imagery... seriously beautiful.
    July 31, 2013  8:36 pm
  10. My word, they are beautiful, their wedding is beautiful, their family and friends are beautiful. You captured this day perfectly. Think they would adopt me into their family?
    August 1, 2013  1:24 am
  11. caroline said:
    Wow, what beautiful photos. The tones, the light, the compositions...perfection. Every single one.
    August 1, 2013  1:53 am
  12. Linus Moran said:
    Breathtaking photo's David, the shot's of the dance especially! I love the venue also :)
    August 11, 2013  7:14 pm
  13. Emanuelle said:
    Unos colores preciosos, me encanta este tipo de retoque...y me gusta la atmósfera y los momentos captados...enhorabuena ;)
    December 2, 2013  8:26 am

Every wedding is different and so too are clients. I’ve always enjoyed chatting to people and this is one of the things I like most about weddings, chatting to new people and getting to know them. I love photography as well but I’m all about getting on well with the people I’m photographing. Mario Testino lived by this rule. Good vibes lead to great images. Sometimes when chatting to clients before the day it’s nice not to just talk about schedules and planning because this dynamic detracts from the relaxed feeling I’m looking for, it can be covered but shouldn’t be the central pivot. The more carefree the feel of a day the better the images.  I’m incredibly grateful to my clients for trusting me to shoot how I feel, rather than being directed and I know in turn this produces the best work. Here are some recent words that have made this job more than worthwhile for me.


South west weddingsfilm photography barnsley housewinter wedding photos cowdrey

  1. Hannes Uys said:
    I love the vivid tones of your wedding photography David!
    July 14, 2013  6:33 pm
  2. Being a wedding photographer my self I know how difficult and quality work this is. Great
    December 11, 2013  6:11 pm



Hindu wedding


Flowers:  Fiona Perry  

Marquees: Good Intents

Venue: Temple Guiting Manor

Gloucestershire wedding photographers

  1. Steve Koo said:
    You captured some great little moments throughout the day - nice work!
    June 14, 2013  6:39 pm
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cheltenham snowcheltenham landscape photos


I believe all art is shaped by the time and place it came from. When I was younger I never had a dog so didn’t really venture into the landscape around Bromley but  naturally I feel connected to the greyness, the music and feel of the area even though I haven’t lived there in so long. The Cotswolds on the other hand is an expansive beautiful place. I walk in the hills behind where we live nearly every day with my dog. Music sounds amazing here. Just you, the dog, the music and the hills. The sun sets over the Malverns and the views from Cleeve hill are like something from the mind of Tolkien.  If I think about the films I enjoy they often have a strong connection to place  such as Heat (LA), Lantana (suburban Sydney), LA Haine (Paris) even something otherworldly like A Clockwork Orange is described through the detail of the Woolwich housing blocks. There is in fact a brilliant short film set in the Cotswolds called Field directed by Duane Hopkins but it appears to no longer be online, it is brilliant however. The images above are taken over the course of three or four outings into darkest Gloucestershire.

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