1. Hello David,
    This is sure to be the first of many comments that I make regarding your work. I am a big of yours already, and this incredible image you've posted is flawless. Very well done. Do you shoot film exclusively?
    March 8, 2012  6:14 pm
  2. David Jenkins said:
    Hi Peter, thanks. It's a mixture, this shoot was nearly all film.
    March 8, 2012  6:39 pm
  3. john day said:
    stunning - can't wait to see these in full :)
    March 8, 2012  7:24 pm
  4. Peter Lawson said:
    Stunning! Your work suits film perfectly!
    March 9, 2012  10:03 am
  5. Agnes said:
    April 29, 2012  9:41 am


This was such a great wedding to photograph not only are Natalie and Matt very cool and stylish, they’re also the life and soul of the party. All taken at the elegantly chilled out Babington House.




  1. Top work David. I really like the B&W photo of natalie with the birdcage/veil. Beautiful.
    February 15, 2012  8:23 pm
  2. Dasha said:
    Love this one... So elegant and beautiful!
    February 16, 2012  10:02 am
  3. Igor Demba said:
    Beautiful frames David. Elegance & style all over it.
    February 16, 2012  10:50 am
  4. Dominique said:
    Babington House is one of my favourite venues. You captured both the amazing location and their wedding perfectly. Great work as ever.
    February 16, 2012  4:49 pm
  5. Nessa K said:
    Everything about this wedding and the way you've captured it is breathtaking. You take on available light like an absolute boss.
    February 16, 2012  6:28 pm
  6. Johanna said:
    Seriously amazing wedding. And work! I've been staring at the BW portrait of them where she's resting her head on his shoulder for minutes now. It's just perfect.
    February 16, 2012  10:16 pm
  7. ALMA said:
    Seriously!?? These frames are amazing! great job!
    February 16, 2012  10:28 pm
  8. john day said:
    unbelievable, so bloody talented.
    February 17, 2012  11:59 am
  9. Chloe said:
    Such truly lovely photos, David. You've really captured the essence of an elegant but down-to-earth wedding. I would be chuffed to bits if these were my photos!
    February 17, 2012  4:35 pm
  10. Heather said:
    Oh that venue is just fabulous!!
    February 17, 2012  7:07 pm
  11. Elegant. Beautiful. Adorable. Absolutely fantastic coverage.
    February 17, 2012  10:26 pm
  12. Gorgeous ceremony shots David, can't stop looking at that bw shot after the ceremony of your bride looking downward, it's just too beautiful.
    February 18, 2012  2:15 am
  13. Kyle said:
    Freaking stunning wedding. All your photos have such a quiet elegance to them.
    February 18, 2012  5:52 am
  14. Mary Sylvia said:
    Dang these are stunning, what gets me is that SO MANY of them are stunning. Seriously nice work!
    February 18, 2012  7:34 am
  15. Brian Kraft said:
    Spot on! Love all your photos, but your b&w ones are really special!
    February 18, 2012  9:07 pm
  16. Jen Smith said:
    Dreamy. What a beautiful, stylish bride. The way the black and whites showcase her veil against her complexion are simply gorgeous. Amazing location, too!
    February 19, 2012  2:40 am
  17. Graymask said:
    These are absolutely gorgeous. The light looks perfect in almost every shot and you come away going wow! Great job!
    February 19, 2012  6:32 am
  18. You knocked it out the park on this one my friend! Stunning! :)
    February 19, 2012  8:26 pm
  19. thao trinh said:
    Oh my, you killed it! The processing is to die for and the compositions kept me scrolling. Loved all the emotions you caught especially of the two little girls, so precious!
    February 20, 2012  6:10 am
  20. Paul said:
    Extraordinary work!! This wedding IS MAGICAL. thank you so much for sharing.
    February 21, 2012  2:09 pm
  21. Kellee Walsh said:
    These are simply amazing David, every one. I just love your style!
    February 27, 2012  1:08 am
  22. Derek said:
    Incredible work David, stunning wedding.
    March 7, 2012  12:11 am
  23. WHOAH. What a beautiful set... everyone looks gorgeous & so happy, and her dress is to DIE for. Nicely captured! xoxo.
    March 7, 2012  12:59 am
  24. pen said:
    Such beautiful, beautiful images. Wow.
    March 8, 2012  12:36 am
  25. loving this to pieces!! you're a great storyteller.
    March 12, 2012  8:58 pm
  26. ed peers said:
    So good David... Superb.
    March 13, 2012  9:22 am
  27. John said:
    Great images :)
    April 24, 2012  2:54 pm
  28. AdonyeJaja said:
    dang man, your work is insane!
    April 26, 2012  2:13 am
  29. Steve Fuller said:
    simply stunning work David, an inspiration to us all!
    July 12, 2012  6:52 pm

It’s been a great year not least in enjoying watching my little girl Audrey getting to grips with walking, making noises, poking me in the eyes and all that fun stuff. I’m saving putting up some more personal work in a separate post however. These are some moments from weddings, engagement and portrait sessions.  So thank you to all my clients for giving me the chance to experience your day and letting me into your lives, just a little bit.  And thanks to all the people that have featured my work, everyone at Wedding magazine, You and Your Wedding and the super stylish Love My Dress and Rock My Wedding.  In the interests of maybe everyone, I’ll leave my round up of my favourite music from the year to bottom of the post (let’s face it, it’s a geek thing!).


In a bid to rally my own movement I’m naming “keep folk away from weddings”   (or the slightly less manageable but possibly more accurate ” keep folk away from wedding photographers posts or wedding videos”  or KFAFWPPOWV for short) I’m only including a couple of folk albums in my list for favourite music of the year.  I flipping love folk just like everyone, but ever since Jose Gonzalez’s beautifully sung Heartbeats (interestingly a cover of an electro track) over the amazing bouncing coloured balls in San Fran Sony ad happened, there seems to have been an unending movement in using folk in just about every possible corner of the media not just tv ads but short films and feature films. As I say I like it, I managed to not throw the tv out the window while watching Juno as each new scene was greeted with a lovely, twee melody and I’ve definitely felt fuzzy before while listening; if it wasn’t the wine. It’s cool, it’s now, it was now back then and it still seems to be now, now. Anyhow, these are my favourites, feel free to comment if you agree ;  )

Peaking LightsJonathan WilsonJohn MausBon IverZomby,  Little Dragon, Yuck, Antlers, Lana Del Rey, PJ Harvey.



  1. Dasha said:
    Wow, what a beautiful year it's been! Stunning images! Looking forward to more of your beautiful work in 2012))
    January 12, 2012  2:20 pm
  2. ed peers said:
    Simply stunning work David... Have the best 2012! High five!
    January 12, 2012  2:50 pm
  3. Beautiful - it's been great following your work this year - can't wait to see more in 2012
    January 13, 2012  3:02 pm
  4. john day said:
    an amazing year david! - gorgeous images :)
    January 13, 2012  4:57 pm
  5. Dominique said:
    Really beautiful, wonderful work David.
    January 14, 2012  2:52 pm
  6. Sacha Miller said:
    What an aesthetically pleasing year you had, best of luck for 2012
    January 16, 2012  11:04 am
  7. weddings recognizable by your style and vision. what else? <3
    January 16, 2012  11:06 am
  8. a definitely breath of fresh air David! i've questioned my love for light as i've seen a lot of images that have dark tones in some ways i love it but i'm still so very drawn to images that have so much light goodness to it. so amazing so so so amazing. thank you so very much for the inspiration.
    January 16, 2012  12:42 pm
  9. Great shots! Love the "planking" shot at the end too :)
    January 18, 2012  10:20 am
  10. Chloe said:
    You really are an artist. Absolutely beautiful images from your 2011-I love how they're all distinctly 'you', natural, pretty and pensive. Wishing you another fantastic year!
    January 24, 2012  3:12 pm
  11. Anna Wisniowski said:
    How do we get hold of you to see if you are available for a wedding this year??
    January 24, 2012  5:43 pm
  12. Lovely shots with beautiful looking wedding. I love your attention to detail. Awesome and great wedding, love the way you have captured it, beautiful photos.
    February 2, 2012  7:07 am
  13. aga said:
    what a great eye and style of photography!
    February 27, 2012  4:05 pm


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Two very lovely emails from Victoria and Timmy after the day:


Hi David

I hope you are well and had a safe trip back to England. I just wanted to drop you a line to say a huge THANK YOU for travelling to Galway to be part of our wedding day. I hope you enjoyed your time here. Timmy and I had a truly fantastic day and couldn’t be happier with how it all went. We had so many comments from friends on family about how great you were on the day and how you were so unobtrusive  and blended in well with the guests. Thanks for that. Also things ran a bit behind schedule and I appreciate you staying on.
Thanks again for being so fantastic on the day and I will speak with you soon.
Many thanks
Victoria & Timothy Mullins
Hi David
First ……. OMG they are so beautiful you have me in tears! I absolutely adore them. The light is beautiful and we look pretty good ourselves – you are a miracle worker! I cannot wait to see them all. I cannot thank you enough. The photos to me were one of the most important parts of they day – our lasting memory of the wedding and I know I will never get sick of these photographs…. thank you, thank you, thank you!


This journey will be a real memory for me also so thank you to everyone in Ireland, for making the stay so enjoyable, especially  Victoria and Timmy and their families for making me so welcome.

  1. Dasha said:
    Wow, David... Such beautiful images! Love the portraits and all the emotional moments you captured! Amazing
    December 16, 2011  3:08 pm
  2. Dominique said:
    David, I just love your work. You are so talented. I love the shot of them kissing in the car and then the shot of the boy peeking in. Also love the last shot, and all the portraits, well everything really. You are just too good!
    December 16, 2011  3:18 pm
  3. ed peers said:
    So good David... Brilliantly captured.
    December 16, 2011  3:21 pm
  4. Victoria said:
    Stunning work David! Really enjoyed wending my way through these : )
    December 16, 2011  8:16 pm
  5. Beautiful David. The composition on your landscape shots is really stunning.
    December 19, 2011  12:44 pm
  6. so perfect David
    love the kids :=) and the portrait session
    December 19, 2011  3:19 pm
  7. john day said:
    too much good stuff david - these are wonderful :)
    December 23, 2011  8:37 pm
  8. i'm just in total awe of it all! wow!
    January 16, 2012  12:37 pm
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In the peak of the wedding season, in the midst of opening our studio and right in the middle of the London riots this summer I decided to take three days in London at the Film is Not Dead workshop. I wanted something different, something inspiring but also something practical and that’s exactly what the workshop offered. I had known about Jonathan Canlas for a while and got the feeling he was a cool guy I’d heard an interview with him on the Inside Analogue Photo podcast (which for is essential listening for anyone interested film as is the new FINDers podcast) and he was so open and clear minded I knew this would be something great to experience. And it really was. It’s difficult to express here in words what it meant but simply it gave me that reconnection to photography; photography as an analogue process producing images that have an amazing feel – no tricks, no quirky just the pure form. Thanks to all the FINDers on the course and thanks to Jonathan. There are more to come but here are a few of the images.


The main man in the zone.

  1. Ed Osborn said:
    Absolutely stunning.
    November 30, 2011  10:09 am
  2. Anushe Low said:
    These are stunning. The colours....just wow.
    November 30, 2011  11:25 am
  3. Sacha Miller said:
    I really like these images, film always gives such lovely tones and a nice opportunity to meet Jonathan.
    November 30, 2011  11:47 am
  4. Dean Govier said:
    I've seen (and tracked down) a few FIND posts recently but this one is special. Great work David.
    November 30, 2011  1:56 pm
  5. Dominique said:
    Stunning in every way.
    December 1, 2011  12:52 pm
  6. ed peers said:
    Film, digital, you nail it all!
    December 2, 2011  10:38 am
  7. INSANELY AMAZING DAVID!!!! my goodness!!! breathtaking work.
    January 16, 2012  12:26 pm


All at the beautiful Matara Centre.

  1. Chloe said:
    Oh my goodness, what absolute, delicate, pretty prettiness. Amazing David, an incredible eye (or pair of) you have. x
    November 24, 2011  10:46 am
  2. ed peers said:
    Stunning work David...
    November 24, 2011  11:03 am
  3. Emily A. said:
    I LOVE the shot of grandpa holding the baby! So sweet!
    November 24, 2011  3:57 pm