I amazed you’ve reached this far, congrats. Here then are some words. Away from weddings this year I’ve been shooting a few formats, including a bit more expired and normal 35mm. I’m hoping to develop three projects this year, one has been underway for a while centred around the public spaces in big cities – here are a few from that project which began in Paris.   The other two should materialise…at some point (the expired film of people in the street was part of one).

Other than that, the really important update is the 10 albums I liked most last year. Feel free to let me know if you think I’m entirely wrong. Here goes:


10. Soft Hair – Soft Hair.  Conan Mockasin who I love teamed up with LA Priest who I don’t really know to bring this slinky soulful pop gem.

9. Ahmed Malik – Musique Original De Films.  Stylish soundtracks from Algerian cinema.  It’s a reissue so shouldn’t really be on a new music list but when so many albums are dug up from the forgotten past it’s like they’re new. This is an exotic wonder, especially the track La Silence des Cendres. Other reissues/discoveries I liked were Maki Asakawa and Anna Homler.

8. Wilson Tanner – 69  Blissed out new age music.  Have I mentioned I love ambience and Balearic sunset vibes? Mark Barrots album was also a massive highlight.

7. Septa – Konnichiwa.  I only listen to grime driving in my car and a bit like house or other club genres, radio or mixes is probably their true home where it makes more sense. But as far as albums go it has all the right energy.

6. The Comet is Coming – Channel the Spirits  Crazy jazz with a fierce psychedelic repetition. Not for everyday use, but brilliant for the right moment.

5.  Bitchin Bajas and Bonnie Prince Billy – Epic Jammers.  It’s drifty and psychedelic and just right for a Sunday morning in Winter. Haley Fohr from Circuit des Yeux also had an amazing album out under the name Jackie Lynn and was maybe the only indie album I heard this year.

4.  Blood Orange – Freetown Sound.  Soul with an old sound and new production. I love Michael Kiwanuka but his album didn’t quite hang together for me (although his opening track is probably my favourite from the year). This is slightly more rooted in the 80’s than 70’s and it has great individual moments without losing the whole.

3.  Yves  Tumour – Serpent Music.  I could have chosen pretty much anything off NON records as every artist is incredible, Chino Amobi and Dedekindcut especially. Future sounds in all the right ways, elements of dubstep, grime, field recordings but collaged into an artful new movement that can’t be pigeonholed.

2. Steve Hauschild – Strands.  Brilliant new age or ambience depending on how you look at it. It’s a hard line to walk being just the right side of melodic without leaching into a beige coffee table music. This is a stunner.

1.David Bowie – Black Star. It’s beautiful. Floating pieces of sax, hypnotic vocals and the same great song writing, but totally unique.