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We love albums… I totally understand if you’d rather not have an album but what I would say is from experience the feeling of receiveing something physical after your day is something you can’t put into words. When you buy a piece of furniture and it’s just right, it’s the same feeling. I want your collection of images to feel like an art piece and an album always feels good.

The pricing of the photography depends on how much coverage you would like. Usually I start with the bridal preparations and stay until the end your first dance or even later but it depends on your schedule and how much you would like covered.

If you’re getting married abroad, great, just let me know where and I can give you a bespoke quote including travel. I’ve shot weddings in France, Italy, Spain, Ireland and all over the UK and I love to travel.

It’s important to me you like the style if you think it’s a fit just give me a call or drop me a line. For a full price list please get in touch at or via the contact page or my number is 07916 337847.