Carina & Folu’s wedding at Kirtlington Park, Oxfordshire

Some weddings have a relaxed fun vibe but to say the day that Carina and Folu created (with the help of the super skilled Emma Joy, their planner)  at Kirtlington Park had a free flowing warmth would be a huge understatement.  A party in the context of a wedding goes to a different level when you can feel the connections at the centre of it all, Carina and Folu with each other, with their friends and family and the feel good energy was there all day. The venue has an amazing feel, expansive grounds with rooms to match, ceilings the height of giraffes and a frontage that as a backdrop is just the kind I like, formal lines, warm textured stone facing the sunset light. But the most important thing is the fact that Carina and Folu are such warm people you can’t help but get swept along.

If you were a wedding guest the link to the full gallery of images is here. You will need to get the password from Carina & Folu. Print orders have a 30% discount for the first week with the coupon: carinafolu at checkout. You can view and order wedding images by clicking this link:


A few images of the beautiful and very fun Carina and Folu are below: