Dar Ayniwen, Laura & Jade’s wedding, Marrakech

I’ve never been to Morrocco and to say photographing a three day wedding on the outskirts of Marrakech would be an experience I won’t forget is no overstatement. It was an incredible experience, all curated by the lovely Laura and Jade.  We met in London before the day and went through the details and despite the size of the celebrations the overriding sense was this would be an occasion that had at it’s heart a great sense of warmth and togetherness. Two of the intangible things I love to photograph reflected in sometimes subtle ways through weddings.

We started with a party the evening before the wedding which set the tone days to follow.  The Saturday was non-stop and went well into the early hours as Moroccan celebrations do. Even my taxi driver was excited I was going to a wedding.  This was a beautiful wedding at Dar Ayniwen.  Morroco has colour in every corner and this venue is no exception. The wedding was fun, energetic and incredibly visual. I hope be a Marrakesh wedding photographer again as soon as possible.

A quick sneak peek of what was an amazing experience centred in the beautiful spaces of the area known as the Palmeraie is below:

Black tie Marrakech wedding couple holding hands Marrakech wedding in the desert

Weddings at Dar Ayniwen have an amazing choice of spaces. The front encased in a barrier of stunning palms which further into the grounds there hides an amazing courtyard where the ceremony took place. At the side of the main house are formal gardens in the style of the Jardin Majorelle beautiful lines of symmetry enclosed in red walls and dotted with fountains.

Dar Ayniwen in Marrakech Palmerie area Groom has his button hole adjusted before his Marrakech wedding Bride smiles during Marrakech wedding ceremony bride and groom stand in front of temple at Dar Ayniwen in Marrakech Marrakech wedding photographer Gardens at Dar Ayniwen in Marrakech Couple hold hands Marrakech wedding photographer bride and groom face each other in the desert near Marrakech bride and groom hug in the Marrakech desert Bride and groom kiss in the Marrakech desert


If you are looking for a  Marrakech wedding photographer I would love to hear from you. If you would like to view more,  this wedding at the Wilderness Reserve also had an amazing energy with a brilliant Zimbabwean band.

Anissa et Saïd balafrej

un mariage magnifique !
Une mariée ravissante
Un mari sublime
Des parents super magnifiques
magnifique !
Des parents magnifiques
Des b

The fairy tale couple married in the desert. Beautiful.

Mes joyaux, vous êtes sublimes! Toutes mes félicitations encore une fois! Que votre vie se remplisse de Bonheur et de Joie, et que la force de votre Amour reigne pour toujours!
Love you little brother and sister 😘💕

Beaux comme un Dieu et une deesse. Vous etes irresistibles. Beaucoup d’amour et de joie de vivre. Toutes mes vives felicitations au couple de L’ vous embrasse bien fort.

Vous êtes magnifiques! Très beaux🌹Moments très émouvants!
Félicitations encore et tous mes Vœux de Bonheur et d’Amour Éternel.
Je vous aime ❤️❤️

Les photos sont magnifiques, vous êtes très beau, un vrai conte de fée,bonheur et beaucoup d’amour, on vous aime

J’adore vous êtes magnifiques, un vrai conte de fées, ,on vous souhaite tout le bonheur du monde, on vous aime, much love

J’adore! Vous êtes trop beaux. On vous souhaite plein d’amour et tout le bonheur du monde. Lové you ❤️❤️

J’adore! Vous êtes trop beaux. On vous souhaite plein d’amour et tout le bonheur du monde. Lové you ❤️❤️

J’adore! Vous êtes trop beaux. On vous souhaite plein d’amour et tout le bonheur du monde. Lové you ❤️❤️

couple walking in desert


If you like the approach I would love to hear all the details of your celebration.