Pregnancy shoot, Cheltenham

August 29, 2012

I’ve not blogged about the studio much before but last year we opened a studio right here in Cheltenham and called it Everything We Love.  I love shooting weddings but I’ve never been solely a wedding shooter. One thing I’ve always enjoyed photographing is women. This for me has always been a big part of weddings anyway, capturing elegance through light and movement. The studio now means we can shoot more natural portraits but in a nice open light filled environment as well as some more fashion type portraits which I’ve got more plans for next year, for absolutely anyone or any couple who want something like that. We go out, get a whole lot of outfits and then turn it into a bit of a dressing up party (if a thing exists which I’m pretty sure it did when we were six).  This is Wendy, she’s very cool:








[…] David Jenkins is more typically a wedding photographer, however he has recently opened up a studio in Cheltenham UK and did this elegant maternity shoot there. I am smitten with the modern red chair contrasting this neutral shoot, the relaxed posing, and the stunning elegance that the mother is made of. […]

Just discovered your work through the FIND crew, David. It’s absolutely stunning. So so natural.

dude this is so damn good. I love the tone of the color frames!

Sooooo beautiful. What a gorgeous woman, and all of these shots are so stunning. That black lace dress outfit is stunning. I bet she LOVES these- what a wonderful celebration of pregnancy and femininity!!

colors are beautiful…you can see it is film 😉

This is a beautiful collection of photographs David. Mum must be thrilled with these.

Very pretty David, you really captured her beautifully

david, these are gorgeous. really great stuff.

gorgeous work. im wishing i had these done when i was pregnant!

this is so beautiful David. i love the softness of your images. almost delicate yet very elegant. i love the confidence you have to make her look and feel so absolutely comfortable in front of the camera. really beautiful.

beautiful…awesome tones!

I love these. Your studio work is great 🙂

love love love… a seriously divine collection of images

this is beautiful mate! the colours are first class. =)

couple walking in desert


If you like the approach I would love to hear all the details of your celebration.