What clients say

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Cleo & James

David, we wanted to say thank you again for the pictures. We’ve been through them more closely this weekend and are totally blown away!! Everything is SO beautifully shot. Truly incredible work. And you covered so much ground…looks like there were three people taking pictures not one!
Thank you so much – we feel very lucky to have memories of the weekend captured so beautifully.

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Amy & Hamyd

Hi David,

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart, these photos are more incredible than even I could of imagined. I knew you were brilliant but these photos are absolutely incredible, I've shown some friends who have said they've never seen wedding photographs like it. 

Thank you again David, these photos I will treasure for the rest of my life.

bride and groom hug

Abi & Greg

Hello David,

I hope you're having/are still enjoying a well deserved holiday.

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the beautiful photos you took of our wedding day, I cannot stop looking at them! 

You have captured the essence of the day so well and it's lovely to see so many pictures of our friends and family having fun and enjoying themselves.

I also LOVE the slide show. We will treasure your pictures always, we now have the difficult task of narrowing them down and deciding which ones we will frame at home. If only we could have them everywhere!

You were an absolute pleasure to work with, thank you so much.

With love,



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Charlotte & Jacob

Dear David.

I just don't know how to describe (in English) how much we love you photography on the day.
Jacob and I both loved it so much and we became a very emotional. 
I again, cried and Jacob almost did. Hahahah....embarrassing but I wanted you to know how much we were touched by your work.

You told every single stories on the day though the lenses.

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Goldie & Rick

Hi David,

We’ve finally had time together to sit and look through the photos of our wedding. They are so amazingly beautiful, and perfect for us! There were a few tears looking through for sure. You captured awesome ones of Jenny also and that means the world to us.

Thank you for being so amazing & caring, we couldn't of wished for anything more perfect.

Goldie & Rick

Joanna & Samir

David !!

Honestly we can’t thank you enough for this. The pictures are really beyond what we could have ever expected. They are freakin’ awesome !!!!

Thank you so so so so much !!

Jessica & Olly

Dear David,

Thank you so much for the photos, they are so utterly gorgeous and we truly couldn’t be happier with them. 

You’ve really managed to capture the day, so much happiness and laughter! Some are so artistic, some very emotional, some make even the least photogenic sides of us and our guests look beautiful. You are really very talented, even if it wasn’t our wedding I think there would be so many of the photos we would want to hang on our wall just because they are so beautiful.

Thank you also for fitting in so well on the day and making it so easy, you were a pleasure to have around and you seemed to know exactly where to be and how to capture the perfect shots. There were so many photos that we hadn’t even realised you had been around for, somehow you managed to invisibly capture special and intimate moments between our friends and family.

Anyway, hope you are well and enjoy this weekend of glorious sunshine.

Best Wishes,

Jess and Olly

Jasmine & Ted

Oh my god David these are BEAUTIFUL. We watched the reel last night with a glass of wine (great suggestion!) and I just finished going through the gallery today. Bringing back so many memories, literally crying with emotion all over again (and it's not just the wine!).

Thank you so so much, we honestly could not have asked for more. You truly captured our day and all the emotions. 

I'll send you a bill for the Kleenex cost of looking through them! 


Jessie & Maurice

Hi David 

Oh wow. What can we say? They are just beautiful. You've given me (especially) back so much of the wedding that I just can't remember, so many precious memories ... 

We always knew they'd be wonderful, but you've really captured so much of what our day, and marriage was all about. I'm now going to start my campaign of recommendation - beginning at the beginning where I found you in the first place, on Pinterest! 

Of course to keep in touch. If there's anything we can do in the meantime let me know but otherwise ... I'm off for another slideshow visit :) 

Thanks again. Just wonderful. 

J & M 

Fiona & Richard

Hi David,

How are you? Hope all is well in the Cotswolds.

We took your advice and got some wine and went through all the pictures together on Friday evening. We're absolutely thrilled with the pictures, we LOVE them, so thank you so much. We showed a couple of close friends when they came round this weekend and they were blown away too. They said you captured the day perfectly with everybody beaming and laughing, and we totally agree, the pics completely sum up how happy everyone was. So thank you again!

Sarah & Richard

Aaaagggghhh you are a wizard! The photos are incredible!

We love them and have watched the slideshow about 5 times today! 

Thank you so much! We especially love the pics with Richards grandparents! Oh and the one of me patting rich on the head! Thank you, each part of the day has been captured beautifully. It’s amazing how each one brings back a memory of how you felt at that point on the day. 

Thanks again, we are absolutely thrilled with them. 

Sarah and Richard Xx

Sarah & Neil

Hi David,

We find it hard to put into words how much these photos mean to us, they are absolutely fantastic. They capture the day so perfectly and have made us laugh and cry in equal measures - truly memorable and beautiful shots. Thank you so much!!!

Olivia & Nick

This is awesome! I can’t get over how exciting this is exciting this is - how is it still this exciting?
David thank you so much for pulling this together at such short notice, I really appreciate it.
I just wanted to echo Liv’s words in thanking you for all your hard work and effort on the day. It perhaps sounds cliché to say you went the extra mile, but I’ve never had a more fitting use for the phrase. Your cool calm style really put me at ease on the day and it was amazing to see how you melted into the crowd. You’re a true professional, the photos are fantastic and I can’t wait to see the final selection.
All the best

Nana & Kevin

Hi David

Thank you so much! We've been so busy we haven't had time to look through all of them yet but from what we've seen they're amazing! 

Thank you as well for being a friend on those few days, always happy to help out and join in on the fun, we really appreciate that. 

We'll let you know again when we've looked through everything and about all the wonderful comments I'm sure we will receive then :) 


Hi David,

I know that Nana has already thanked you for the photos but I just wanted to add my thanks as well because I think you really managed to capture the spirit and feel of the day and there are great shots of Nana and I looking really comfortable and relaxed with one another.

Thanks again for all your hard work and the time you spent with us. It was a real pleasure having you along as part of our wedding party.
All the best!

Taryn & Sid


We really loved having you with us over the weekend to capture the vibe, you fitted right in!

Becki & Nat

Hi David!
Oh my goodness........thank you so so so much, we absolutely LOVE the photos, better than we could have hoped for! Some brilliant moments in there that we can look back on forever. The whole family agrees, you’ve done such a wonderful job at capturing the day so beautifully, so thank you again!

Please do stay in touch, it was great meeting you and having you as part of the day!

Rachel & Carl

We spent a long time searching for a photographer. We came across David’s work through a wedding blog. His photos were so full of colour and emotion. From our first conversation with him we knew he was the photographer for us, he made us feel completely at ease.

David created the most beautiful photos of our day. His attention to detail and laid-back nature resulted in fantastically natural shots that Carl and I can cherish forever.

Claire & Dominic

Hi David, a HUGE thank you for capturing our wedding and amazed by how discreet you were. We’ve just watched the slide show - so stunning.

What a wonderful job you have done, we can't thank you enough for capturing how much fun we all had!

Daisy & Rupert


We are absolutely speechless - such beautiful photographs.  We can't thank you enough for capturing the day is such a spectacular manner!