A Cliveden house wedding is naturally guided in feel by the incredible scenery surrounding Taplow in the Berkshire countryside it looks out from. It’s stately and majestic and no surprise that Megan Markle stayed there before the Royal wedding.

Charlotte & Jacob looked stylish as did their dogs who joined the occasion (it’s amazing what you can do with a few hair bands a small dog with long hair) . It was a wonderful  intimate wedding with just a few friends and family but you could feel the emotions right through the day. Near the end Jacob played a song on his guitar for Charlotte and her father, a folk song that Charlotte new her father loved. It was like a gateway had opened to a place inside him and it was a very moving moment, the guests were moved, I was moved and I think the Cliveden House staff were also.  If you are also holding a wedding at Cliveden House in Berkshire, I would love to hear from you by getting in touch here. This is how Charlotte and Jacobs day looked:


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