Our Approach

We’re passionate about creating great images, the ones that are natural and make you feel something and draw you in even if you’re not sure why. Myself and my wife, Sarah, live in Cheltenham with our two kids and photographing them on a regular basis is something that has grown ever more important. The time does fly, just as everyone said it would and I decided not so long ago I wanted to be able to look back on meaningful pictures. This is family photography but with two added ingredients; natural, real, emotion and beautiful, luminous colour. We’ll shoot on digital cameras but also use medium format film which has a subtle but wonderful colour palette.

How does a family session work?

Well simply put, they’re a short session aimed at creating some beautiful timeless portraits of your family, individually and together, doing what you love doing in a place you love. It could be cooking at home, walking in the hills, playing in the garden or wherever you feel most comfortable. The point is to take time with your kids so we can capture something meaningful that you then have FOREVER and you’ll know that no matter how fast the time goes by you’ll have some amazing images you’ll always be able to look back on.  Usually the sessions last around an hour as kids can easily tire of images after that time but if we take a little longer that’s fine too as long as everyone is happy… which is the key. We’ll create a collection of images that work as individual works of art in their own right designed to be printed or framed.



Great, so what’s the offer and how do I book?

Okay, so the Winter offer is running from 27th January for one week until the 6th February, if you book in this period there is a 50% discount on the session fee. Usually the cost of the shoot is £150 with the code “winter offer” you receive the shoot for £75. Note, you don’t need to schedule the actual date of the shoot within that week just pay the session fee and lock a date in to confirm the shoot. These sessions will be limited so if you”d like to make it happen I’d love to hear from you.  To book, email me at or via the contact page above and quote “winter offer”.  This is how a session looks, with this family photography shoot or this Cheltenham family portrait shoot.

If you have any questions feel free to get in touch?