Shirley & Hamish’s wedding at Horniman Museum, Forest Hill, London


A beautiful day in sunny London in this incredible Victorian glasshouse in South London with two of the loveliest people, Shirley and Hamish. As a setting for  a wedding Horniman Museum offers a pretty special space as well as being special place when I was growing up. We used to visit the museum every year, I lived in Bromley and I remember the trip to Forest Hill as being slightly magical. On the one-hand I knew the buildings changed in appearance as we drove closer to London; they seemed slightly more menacing but on the other I knew the museum itself was a place filled with strange and bizarre artefacts.  Lots of biological specimens were mixed in with all kinds of costumes, traditional dress and almost anything you can think of to create an indescribable collection.

So it came as a slight surprise to see it as a wedding venue. A unique element though is that the ceremonies actually take place in an incredible Victorian Conservatory. As the photographs hopefully show it’s a stunning backdrop. As a photographer there is always something alluring about photographing in a huge conservatory.

If you were a wedding guest at Shirley & Hamish’s day the link to the full gallery of images is here.  You will need to get the password from Shirley and Hamish. You can view and order wedding images by clicking this link:


A few highlights from this beautiful day are below.


Horniman museum wedding ceremony Horniman museum wedding ceremony in the glass houseHorniman museum wedding Wedding couple at Horniman museum London a bride and groom walking through the ground of Horniman Museum in South London Horniman museum wedding, bride and groom in front of the glass house Wedding at Horniman museum Victorian glasshouse


If you would like to view another city wedding this beautiful London wedding at the Townhall Hotel was also stunning.

couple walking in desert


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