The Roth Bar and Grill wedding Bruton

The Roth Bar and Grill in Somerset is unique to say the least. Art isn’t just on the walls, it almost is the walls. Weddings in Somerset you’d think may be quite rural and countryside in feel however Bruton has popped up on the map as quite a little art hub in amongst it all.  There is the Bruton Art factory and Hauser & Wirth run an exhibition space there also. After spending a bit of time in the company of Jessie and Maurice it’s easy to see how well it fit their day. Free flowing, fun and very spontaneous.

“Hi David

Oh wow. What can we say? They are just beautiful. You’ve given me (especially) back so much of the wedding that I just can’t remember, so many precious memories …

We always knew they’d be wonderful, but you’ve really captured so much of what our day, and marriage was all about. I’m now going to start my campaign of recommendation – beginning at the beginning where I found you in the first place, on Pinterest!

Of course to keep in touch. If there’s anything we can do in the meantime let me know but otherwise … I’m off for another slideshow visit 🙂

Thanks again. Just wonderful.

J & M ”

This is the quick version:

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rothbargrill002 rothbargrill003 rothbargrill004 rothbargrill005 rothbargrill006 rothbargrill007 rothbargrill009 rothbargrill010 rothbargrill011


So, in the words of Craig David fused with Dylan Thomas, let’s rewind to begin at the beginning. Here’s the long version along with the suppliers:

Dress:  And For Love

Boutique: The Lovers’ Bride

Suit: Ted Baker

Florist: Clements Farm

Reception flowers: Bramble & Wild

Venue: Roth Bar & Grill

rothbargrill012 rothbargrill013 rothbargrill014 rothbargrill015 rothbargrill016 rothbargrill017 rothbargrill019 rothbargrill020 rothbargrill021 rothbargrill022 rothbargrill023 rothbargrill025 rothbargrill026 rothbargrill027 rothbargrill029 rothbargrill030 rothbargrill031 rothbargrill033-2 rothbargrill035 rothbargrill036 rothbargrill038 rothbargrill039 rothbargrill040 rothbargrill041 rothbargrill042 rothbargrill043 rothbargrill044 rothbargrill045 rothbargrill046 rothbargrill047 rothbargrill048 rothbargrill049 rothbargrill050 rothbargrill051 rothbargrill052 rothbargrill053 rothbargrill054 rothbargrill055 rothbargrill056 rothbargrill058 rothbargrill059 rothbargrill060 rothbargrill061 rothbargrill062 rothbargrill063 rothbargrill064 rothbargrill066 rothbargrill067 rothbargrill068 rothbargrill069 rothbargrill070 rothbargrill071 rothbargrill072 rothbargrill073 rothbargrill074 rothbargrill075 rothbargrill076 rothbargrill077 rothbargrill078 rothbargrill079 rothbargrill080 rothbargrill081 rothbargrill082 rothbargrill083 rothbargrill084 rothbargrill085 rothbargrill086 rothbargrill087 rothbargrill089 rothbargrill090 rothbargrill091 rothbargrill092 rothbargrill094 rothbargrill095 rothbargrill096 rothbargrill097 rothbargrill098 rothbargrill099 rothbargrill100 rothbargrill101rothbargrill103 rothbargrill104 rothbargrill106 rothbargrill107 rothbargrill108 rothbargrill109 rothbargrill110 rothbargrill111 rothbargrill112 rothbargrill113 rothbargrill114 rothbargrill115 rothbargrill116 rothbargrill117 rothbargrill118 rothbargrill119 rothbargrill120 rothbargrill121 rothbargrill122 rothbargrill123 rothbargrill126 rothbargrill127 rothbargrill128 rothbargrill129 rothbargrill130 rothbargrill131 rothbargrill132 rothbargrill133 rothbargrill134 rothbargrill135 rothbargrill136 rothbargrill137 rothbargrill138 rothbargrill139 rothbargrill140 rothbargrill141 rothbargrill142 rothbargrill143 rothbargrill144 rothbargrill145 rothbargrill146 rothbargrill147 rothbargrill148 rothbargrill149 rothbargrill150 rothbargrill151 rothbargrill152 rothbargrill153 rothbargrill154 rothbargrill155 rothbargrill156 rothbargrill157 rothbargrill158 rothbargrill159 rothbargrill160 rothbargrill161 rothbargrill162 rothbargrill163 rothbargrill164 rothbargrill165 rothbargrill166 rothbargrill167 rothbargrill168 rothbargrill169 rothbargrill170