March against Trump state visit photos

Trump threatened to come to the UK to visit the Queen and the people aren’t happy. Cameras swinging from my neck, I took to the streets to photograph London recently; whose people on this particular evening, as luck would have it, were also out on the streets. A plethora of characters turned up to become one long body, spiked with flags and placards snaking through the Westminster streets to march against the Trump state visit.

In terms of the photography to match the feeling on the streets I went for a chaotic blend of styles. A haphazard mix of disposables, 35mm, flash, no flash, Cinestill and digital fittingly reflecting the mixed moods, fashions and faces on display staring, open mouthed into the neon night sky. Owen Jones writes well about the reasons for a mass street march of this kind. I’m not sure if this particular gathering had any impact, I doubt it, but it’s the existence, the record, the fact that someone knows that someone else was motivated that’s important. This is England… or at least the urban liberal left.

protestors at Trump march crossing road with Big Ben behind woman holding sign saying "choose life" at Trump protest sign at march against Trump state visit muslim woman at London march against Trump visit Mother and son holding placards at march against Trump state visit Muslim woman shouting at march against Trump UK visitWoman shouting at the march against the Trump visit to the UK Muslim woman looking up at the march against Trump in London young people at Trump state visit march in London man with big moustache holding placard at Trump demonstration young people at Trump march with faces coveredperson holding sign reading "our true nationality is mankind" person with Queens face mask holding sign that reads "free Melania"crowds of protestors at the London march against Trumps state visit Black man holding placard with the faces of Trump and Theresa May white man with dreadlocks at London protest people holding placards at reading "Dump Trump" in Westminster man in beret holding placard at rally against Trump state visit transvestite at London march against Trump state visitwoman smiling at protest lots of placards held up at London march against Donald Trump man wrapped in EU flag at London stop Brexit protest man wearing vintage military coat with goggles around his neck nun holding placard two young people laughing at March against Trumps state visit in London teenager wearing Guy Fawkes mask on London street