This wedding taken a while to reach the blog, I’m not sure why as it features a lot of things I love; classic London scenes, black ties and a relaxed vibe. It was also featured a little while ago on the fab Love My Dress. Some favourite suppliers were involved, the great Frances at Reel Love and also Kat from Katrina Otter Weddings.  In fact Kat not only planned the day, the dashing groom Matt was her brother and he had asked Kat to be his Best Man or in this case Best Woman. A double helping of pressure which Kat made look as easy as an afternoon stroll (I’m sure it wasn’t in case you’re thinking of having a go). The short version is first. The venue is the RSA in London just off the Strand:



This is the longer version. Black ties, cigars, London streets, back alleys, bare brick vaults and the Adelphi theatre, this is a very winter London wedding:



couple walking in desert


If you like the approach I would love to hear all the details of your celebration.