A few of my favourite shots from the year at weddings. It’s been a great year. Thanks to all the couples & families I photographed. A second post with some personal work and other photography from the year is imminent. But for now…

To finish off, a list.  Why not.  Although in reality it was mainly mixes and podcasts I was listening to but here are some of the albums I had a chance to hear and would recommend and therefore have recommended. There’s so much I wanted to hear new albums from Circuits des Jeux, James Holden, Kamasi Washington, Johnny Flynn, DJ Python and John Maus all of whom I’m a huge fan but haven’t yet got round to hearing them in full. The tracks I’ve heard though are all amazing (and on a different note I got to see John Maus live this year and to say he’s a great live experience is a huge understatement, the man is electric on stage)

10. Bing & Ruth  – Ambient goodness.

9. DJ Sundae. His radio show in France called No Weapon is Absolute (it’s on soundcloud) is great, it’s dark moody with occasionally glimpses of wondrous light. Folk, post punk and new wave abound.

8. Jackie Soundtrack – Mica Levi   A great modern soundtrack perfect for handpicking tunes for playlists more than a collection in itself.

7. Peder Mannerfelt  – a mixture of the last two albums. Great electronic sounds.

6. Yasuaki Shmizu – Karachi – a strange album and great if you’re open to it’s kitsch moments. I’d always enjoyed this on youtube as it was the only place I could find it and finally it’s been released again.

5. DJ Python –  More great mellow electronic vibes. I’ll confess I’ve only heard a couple of tracks but they’re so good I wanted to add it.

4. Daniel Smidt  – In My Arms Many Flowers.  A reissue with a beautiful cover. 4 pieces that maybe work in playlists better than together. But they’re a great thing in the right environment.

3. Palmbomen ii   –  Listen to this on Youtube for the best version unfortunately. There are narrated sections that for some reason haven’t made it on to the record and with out them it feels like only half the experience. Filmic synth music with a range of acid beats bubbling underneath.

2. Erased Tapes collection vii  – it’s free via Bandcamp and it’s incredible. Erased Tapes have played a big part sending modern classical crashing out into the mainstream.

  1. Slowdive – Slowdive  This is easily the best thing I heard all year.  New music from a great 90’s band. A total dreamy guitar laden beauty.



And lastly the best film I saw was Aquarius.  It’s great. It’s set in Brazil, it’s about a property dispute and it’s well worth watching. I’m amazed that you’ve read this far if you’ve read this far, well done, I’m immensely happy that you have. Have an absolutely brilliant 2018.









Lovely frames David. All the best in 2018.

Fantastic post David. Lovely mix of colour and b&w images.

couple walking in desert


If you like the approach I would love to hear all the details of your celebration.