It should be said photographing friends is a pleasure mainly because it’s easy to have fun while the whole thing unfolds. I know Katharine through her being a brilliant photographer herself and with super cool Will and baby Gabriel they make a pretty awesome triptych for the camera. Katharine shoots film so this was shot on mixture of 35mm and 120 and probably two stocks. I mix things up because that’s how I like it, in fact for my own family there’s rarely a format I don’t use as here in this family post.  Apologies in advance for their house, it’s designed especially to make you want to copy every part. If you would like me to come to your family, let me know and we’ll make it happen. I’ve shot for some clients on multiple occasions and that helps with creating a genuine feel which is just how I like it. These moments are for life.


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Stunning shoot. You have really captured how close this family is

Ahhhh! DJ! What a lovely time we had! These are such beautiful pictures. I’m not sure if G will ever forgive me for immortalising that slick comb-over but I’m so, so glad you captured this special time for us. x