Film Is Not Dead

November 29, 2011

In the peak of the wedding season, in the midst of opening our studio and right in the middle of the London riots this summer I decided to take three days in London at the Film is Not Dead workshop. I wanted something different, something inspiring but also something practical and that’s exactly what the workshop offered. I had known about Jonathan Canlas for a while and got the feeling he was a cool guy I’d heard an interview with him on the Inside Analogue Photo podcast (which for is essential listening for anyone interested film as is the new FINDers podcast) and he was so open and clear minded I knew this would be something great to experience. And it really was. It’s difficult to express here in words what it meant but simply it gave me that reconnection to photography; photography as an analogue process producing images that have an amazing feel – no tricks, no quirky just the pure form. Thanks to all the FINDers on the course and thanks to Jonathan. There are more to come but here are a few of the images.


The main man in the zone.


INSANELY AMAZING DAVID!!!! my goodness!!! breathtaking work.

Film, digital, you nail it all!

I’ve seen (and tracked down) a few FIND posts recently but this one is special. Great work David.

I really like these images, film always gives such lovely tones and a nice opportunity to meet Jonathan.

These are stunning. The colours….just wow.

couple walking in desert


If you like the approach I would love to hear all the details of your celebration.