Moments from the year

January 12, 2012

It’s been a great year not least in enjoying watching my little girl Audrey getting to grips with walking, making noises, poking me in the eyes and all that fun stuff. I’m saving putting up some more personal work in a separate post however. These are some moments from weddings, engagement and portrait sessions.  So thank you to all my clients for giving me the chance to experience your day and letting me into your lives, just a little bit.  And thanks to all the people that have featured my work, everyone at Wedding magazine, You and Your Wedding and the super stylish Love My Dress and Rock My Wedding.  In the interests of maybe everyone, I’ll leave my round up of my favourite music from the year to bottom of the post (let’s face it, it’s a geek thing!).


In a bid to rally my own movement I’m naming “keep folk away from weddings”   (or the slightly less manageable but possibly more accurate ” keep folk away from wedding photographers posts or wedding videos”  or KFAFWPPOWV for short) I’m only including a couple of folk albums in my list for favourite music of the year.  I flipping love folk just like everyone, but ever since Jose Gonzalez’s beautifully sung Heartbeats (interestingly a cover of an electro track) over the amazing bouncing coloured balls in San Fran Sony ad happened, there seems to have been an unending movement in using folk in just about every possible corner of the media not just tv ads but short films and feature films. As I say I like it, I managed to not throw the tv out the window while watching Juno as each new scene was greeted with a lovely, twee melody and I’ve definitely felt fuzzy before while listening; if it wasn’t the wine. It’s cool, it’s now, it was now back then and it still seems to be now, now. Anyhow, these are my favourites, feel free to comment if you agree ;  )

Peaking LightsJonathan WilsonJohn MausBon IverZomby,  Little Dragon, Yuck, Antlers, Lana Del Rey, PJ Harvey.




what a great eye and style of photography!

Lovely shots with beautiful looking wedding. I love your attention to detail. Awesome and great wedding, love the way you have captured it, beautiful photos.

How do we get hold of you to see if you are available for a wedding this year??

You really are an artist. Absolutely beautiful images from your 2011-I love how they’re all distinctly ‘you’, natural, pretty and pensive. Wishing you another fantastic year!

Great shots! Love the “planking” shot at the end too 🙂

a definitely breath of fresh air David! i’ve questioned my love for light as i’ve seen a lot of images that have dark tones in some ways i love it but i’m still so very drawn to images that have so much light goodness to it. so amazing so so so amazing. thank you so very much for the inspiration.

weddings recognizable by your style and vision. what else? <3

What an aesthetically pleasing year you had, best of luck for 2012

Really beautiful, wonderful work David.

an amazing year david! – gorgeous images 🙂

Beautiful – it’s been great following your work this year – can’t wait to see more in 2012

Simply stunning work David… Have the best 2012! High five!

Wow, what a beautiful year it’s been! Stunning images! Looking forward to more of your beautiful work in 2012))

couple walking in desert


If you like the approach I would love to hear all the details of your celebration.