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Sou brasileiro, e admirei muita suas fotos! Parabéns pelo trabalho, espero um dia poder fotografar dessa forma!

This is a really lovely set of photographs. You got mad photo taking skills!!

What a beautiful location, gorgeous color and wildly romantic.

Looked at this twice as it’s that good.

Beautiful work David. There’s no way that location is in the Cotswolds though! Spain maybe… 😉

Jacqueline Elizabeth

Perfect light, and captured beautifully. I wish I thought more like you, some of these shots blow my mind!

Wowa! love that light. you caught a lot of action in these photos too. Great work!

What an amazing location and gorgeous couple! You’ve done a smashingly good job mate.

Love how natural and easy these images feel. What a beautiful couple, too. They must be thrilled with these!

Beautiful! I love the casual I-was-there feel from these photos!

Dude these are crazy good!

Stunning frames mate, every single one is amazing!

These are beautiful! I love their interaction and that location is stunning.