A preview of my time photographing a brilliant wedding in Calabria, in two small places, Tropea and Capo Vaticano. More to come.

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High fives to my friend and wingman for the day, John Day.

Purchase prints at the full gallery here.


Just STUNNING photos it truly crowns the special day that my sister Emma & Philipp had. Can not wait to see more photos 🙂

As expected you and John Day did a marvelous job. The story you will tell with your pictures will help us never to forget those amazing days in southern Italy.

LOVE that exit shot with the throwing of the rice- spot on timing!!

Wonderful dreamy feel to some of the photos, love your style, David. Can’t wait to see the rest!

looking ace dude – thanks for having me along, what a great trip 🙂

that wedding makes me want to be there!

absolutely brilliant! that wedding car is wow!

These are so freakin’ awesome. Every frame. You rocked this hard.

these are so money… i love your work!

WOW, amazing coverage in a spectacular location!

your colours are amazing!

I love the shot of the bride and groom walking and she looking back! It tells so much.

Wow, these are stunning. Love the colors.

Doing it so right Mr Jenkins.

the first confetti picture and the first dance need to be printed and up on walls. now.

Beautiful! Each frame looks like a film still. I love the cinematic quality of your images <3

you blow my mind! Beautiful. =)