Cleo and James held their wedding at Sibton Wilderness reserve. Not a typical wedding venue in Suffolk but more an amazing area of private parkland nestled in the Sibton countryside and forming the perfect backdrop for a beautifully classic wedding. The area is committed to conservation and in the morning the sense of calm running through the estate is acutely felt, or at least I felt calm and it seemed that way on the outside for others too. A huge lake lies in front of the manor and dotted behind are numerous stunningly converted farmhouses and barns.  Both Cleo and James have a distinct and stylish taste and you could feel it throughout the amazing details. The wedding design and planning was pulled together by the fab Michelle from Pocketful of Dreams. Floral design was by Swallows & Damsons and I also spotted Cleos’ amazing Manolo Blahnik shoes. There was an evening supper the night before the wedding but this is how the actual day unfolded:

                                 “David,  we wanted to say thank you again for the pictures. We’ve been through them more closely this weekend and are totally blown away!! Everything is SO beautifully shot. Truly incredible work. And you covered so much ground…looks like there were three people taking pictures not one! Thank you so much – we feel very lucky to have memories of the weekend captured so beautifully. “



Absolutely stunning and organic David. Just found you and love what you do.