An Asylum wedding in London is alway a pleasure, the venue is something of a celebrity amongst venues. It’s dilapidated interior and spacious feel create a very special place. It’s the second time I’ve been there, Lauren and Joe (Lauren wore an incredible Vivienne Westwood dress) also had their day here and the wedding can be seen here.

Goldie and Rick are two of loveliest people, we chatted before the day and I new we’d be a great match. They both work in advertising producing great campaigns and there’s always something enjoyable working with visually led people.  Goldie wore an incredible Inbal Dror dress while Rick looked dapper in a blue textured suit. The day rolled from the Asylum across London to the Londesborough pub. The atmosphere was super relaxed all day and you could feel how close to their family friends they both were.  One thing I would say, is that while chatting with Goldie and Rick on Skype we gelled straight away.  If you’re wondering whether it’s good to chat to your photographer before booking them, I would say most certainly it is. The reason for chatting is not really to share the intricate details (although that’s one reason) but more so you can start building a relationship with them. Good photography really isn’t dependent on the technical aspects to do with the camera. It’s more about the atmosphere that’s reflected back and this has so much to do with how relaxed you are with your photographer.   The first few images are the quick version and below for the slower run through:

Asylum wedding venue, Asylum chapel wedding, asylum wedding London


So a longer version is below.  If you are also having a London Asylum wedding and like the style I would love to hear from you. Drop me an email and let me know all about the day… I love hearing the details.


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Stunning images with a location to match.

Excellent shots, such a happy wedding. Love love her dress.

These are so perfect. Amazing work!!

So many smiles and moments! Just beautiful as always.

Awesome work dude – What a wedding and THAT dress!!!!

Thats a great set of images dude, and her dress is stunning..

These are gorgeous, David. And the bride’s dress is STUNNING.

couple walking in desert


If you like the approach I would love to hear all the details of your celebration.