Audrey now has a new brother, Claude.  To celebrate here's a few of  my favourite little girl, from the studio and in Annecy from a couple of years ago where I was shooting a wedding.  
The last two years myself and Sarah have been to Paris. I'd never been before but this second time I felt like we found some nice places to check out for food as well the Paris art fair again. If you're into art it's well worth a trip.  A few images from the first trip reappear f
  Over the last three years we've shot a lot in our studio. It's now time to say goodbye to this space, we'll miss it but hopefully the next space will hold a whole new atmosphere of its own when we find somewhere right. Yus and Marc are two very expre
It's been a brilliant blur of a year. I got married in the mountains of Mallorca in August, got inspired at the Paris Art fair, shot loads of brilliant weddings, each and every one of which I can say I found uniquely interesting to shoot, I also shot a lot of families, engagement
Last year the fab Helena and Christian took me to a second hand furniture shop and cured meat shop for an engagement shoot near where they live. I included a couple of images for my end of year round up from last year here.  This was the time we spent together.   &